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  • Tammy L - These are great and worth having!!

    These space saver bags are great! Love that they came with various sizes. I can pack away items as large as blankets to as small as shirts! I prefer using a vacuum cleaner to remove air from the bags but the hand pump is a nice feature. Especially if you used these bags when traveling...you could carry the hand pump to use on the return of your trip.

  • Beenief - Excellent, instant torque is addictive

    Excellent, instant torque is addictive, I have driven more miles than i would ever have imagined since getting the car, so much fun to drive. Autopilot is remarkable i use it everyday, need to be cautious if lane markings are poor. Rear passengers complain about no arm rest, and floor of the vehicle is bit high and is noticeable in the rear. It will be hard to drive an internal combustion engine after driving electric, when accelerating it seems like all those high horse power ICE cars are standing still.

  • CustomerCritique - Not worth it

    If you are looking for something that takes a half hour to boil water, then this is the range for you. The only positive thing about it is that you will never burn anything as it never gets that hot. There are much better choices than this one so save your money and get a different brand.

  • Ole' Vista - Jury's still out

    First of all,I'm 61yrs old and maybe it's already too late to realistically believe I can re-grow some of my hair.Also,I don't know if this stuff is keeping me from losing more.I also take a statin drug which I heard can cause some hair loss so I don't know if I'm losing or gaining or just holding my own.You'll have to judge for yourself.