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Kansas City Kansas Pharmacy and Drug Store | DeGoler Pharmacy in Kansas City - DeGoler Pharmacy was founded in 1928 with a vision of providing exceptional prescription services for the people of Kansas City. Today we uphold that tradition with an increasing emphasis on customer service, reasonable pricing and quality control.

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  • Diana Castanoarboleda - The software might be good but the customer service is terrible

    The software might be good but the customer service is terrible. They are not clear that with payroll you have to pay a monthly fee (they put it in such a tiny font that you don't see it easily). When you talk with the customer service people it seems they don't hear what you say, they just repeat their discourse… so frustrating. Nothing personal against them but their accent is pretty hard to understand. I don't understand why they charge for payroll after you buy the software when you have less then 3 people in payroll. Very frustrating experience… It was not what I expected. I don't like when they have things hidden or handle in mischievous manner… I decided to return the product.

  • SOFOMTN - Haven't noticed one bit of difference over any much cheaper ...

    Haven't noticed one bit of difference over any much cheaper glass cleaners, but, I haven't tested it at night while it's raining and was blinded by that nasty film on the windshield, hope it removes that

  • S. Dardis - Great that there is no MSG

    We have been using McCormick steak seasoning since before it was "Perfect Pinch". Great that there is no MSG! Not only do we use it to season steaks, but also burgers, roasts, stews, and soups! Great product!

  • Natalie J. Sudborough - Wish it had more on Morocco

    This is just as good as any R.S. book I've ever read. I just wish that he would branch out a little more. There is a bit of information about Morocco, but I wish there were more. It just covers the border town. It's like covering Tijuana in a California guidebook.

  • tracy a. - Super dry and a bit of a strange texture.

    Our family likes to go on day trips and offroading often. When we are out in the middle of the forest obviously there aren't any restaurants to eat at so we carry a good selection of snacks with us. One of the most important staples is jerky. We probably carry at least 6 different types and flavors of jerky each time we go out. I had heard of Biltong being the mecca of jerky and decided to try some. When I saw this Biltong I decided to order it to see if it held up to the hype.

  • Silly 501 - Great buy, easy to install. cheaper than dealerships.

    Great saving compared with dealership. Easily installed. No instructions were included but I searched online and found exact details and a you-tube piece on installation and how to avoid the pitfalls. Perfectly installed by me, a woman ( who is not mechanically minded) in just under 20 min. Yay!

  • Dean - Chills In Minutes but Noisy

    I love this item solely for the fact that if I have a warm drink of nearly any kind I can chill it in a matter of minutes. That having been said its drawbacks have just caused me to start keeping more things in the fridge.