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Davide Scalenghe | Reporter. Producer. Advocate. - I am a reporter and producer with years of field experience, and a focus on global affairs and human rights.

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  • http://www.davidescalenghe.com/2016/07/04/fuoriposto-lintervista-a-davide-scalenghe/ #FuoriPosto: Intervista a Davide Scalenghe | Davide Scalenghe - Ci siamo conosciuti a lezione: lui era uno dei maestri del mio corso. È arrivato biondissimo e elegante.
  • http://www.davidescalenghe.com/2016/07/03/fuoriposto-lintervista-ad-alessandro-altavilla/ #FuoriPosto: Alessandro Altavilla | Davide Scalenghe - La seconda intervista del progetto #FuoriPosto ha come protagonista Alessandro Altavilla.

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  • EC-764 - Street and Trips 2013

    Good product. I'm not sure what even comes close to this in the other mapping products of similar price. So far works well and I would buy again. Directions have been spot on, the times I have used this product.

  • AZ Gal - The best lotion for feet but smells icky!

    This lotion works very very very well!! It soaks in quickly and leaves feet soft and not greasy at all. The only downside is the smell! It smells a little like urine...I guess because of the urea? Anyway, the smell is gross! Sad because I like having pretty feet but would prefer them to smell as good as they look!

  • David Gitlin - Good deal

    Essentially what I expected. Arrived on time. Relatively easy to install (some difficulty lining up bolts with holes), and MUCH less expensive than Honda dealer. There is no place on rack ends to tie off ropes/bungies, which is a problem however. Need to figure that out.

  • Christine Michaels - eLemis worked for me

    I was desperate when I went on Elemis - the Detox works IF you drink alot with it and do some exercise. Nothing is a miracle on its own, but it helped me shed the water from my hips!

  • AvaKado - Great screen protector!

    Great tempered glass screen protector i have it on my phone now! It arrived in good shape, there were no scratches or finger prints. I used the cleaning kit to clean off my phone before applying. The kit was inclusive and it was easy to put on. I had no problems aligning it, there were no bubbles underneath and the clearness is great, great price too.

  • A. spiegel - I really wanted to fall in love with this

    It does what it says it does but this is why i give the 3 star review, i have long fine hair and i had minimal snags when using this but and i do mean but, this unit is heavy, to try and do the back of your own hair while waiting for this to curl is a bit strenuous, and by strenuous I mean my arms were shaking and i only got the bottom half of my hair done. I will stick with my hot curlers as these are much easier to use. If they can manage to make a more user friendly lighter unit this would rock, but until then, if you purchase this, prepare for a killer arm workout. also have to mention you have to face this unit with one side always to your head (labeled on unit which side) which can be difficult when curling the back of your head. Save your money and get a good quality hot curler set instead, trust me.

  • Carol Smyth - Xmas gift

    Xmas gift for two of our grandchildren and they love it. They have other Just Dance videos as well and now they have one more.