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  • lisa - They have a nice comfortable grip handle

    With fall gardening and cleanup these arrived just in time, I used them the entire day I was working in the yard. They are strong and sharp . THe blades are made of stainless steel.They have a nice comfortable grip handle. I was surprised at the diameter of plants I could trim back. They are sharp and cut through branches with no problem. They were easy to open and then lock back up when not using them, THey fit nicely in my back pocket when not in use,.I like the design and quality of this set of garden shears.

  • Dustin Holdiman - Saitek does flight sim right

    What else can I say about Saitek products? Especially this one that's under $100 and has so many useful switches on it. Connects with then flight yoke system and all accessories perfectly. It's well built and really enriches the flight sim experience to a new level. I've been slowly building my collection and every new piece just gets me closer and closer to the real thing. It's a great piece to own since almost every aircraft has these features, at least any modern aircraft. You can always map any switch to any button so customization is allowed but for me worked perfect for my needs out of the box with my FSX and Xplane 10 saitek profiles downloaded from the web.

  • Aimee - Pretty sure it works!

    I live in a 100-year-old house that only has a single box AC in the living room. It's the middle of the summer and I noticed my furniture had a kind of damp feel to it so I bought just one for a test run in my living room. I've had it for a little over a week now and my sofa, armchair, and ottoman all seem fairly dry again... it looks like it's already half full though, so I suspect I'm going to have to replace it next week, which is kind of in line with what other reviews said. Hopefully the next one will last longer! Definitely going to buy one for my bedroom upstairs as well. Not sure how well it would work on a damp basement, but it definitely works for just an overly humid room in the summer.

  • Dennis - Horrible menus, bad beyond belief

    Hate it. I downgraded from the 2010 version, which I like very much, but 2010 won't write to GBT drives. 2016 menus are terrible, the worst. Difficult to find previous backups; it's hard to imagine why anyone would design the menus like this. Absolute pits. 2016's interface is the worst of any software I've ever used.

  • gilly8 - Yes, another second generation ZooBooks Family!

    We first ran across a Zoobook magazine in the gift shop section at Smoky Mountains National Park. I bought one for my then six year old younger son. He became so involved in it, and so excited, that when we got home I immediately subscribed, and the subscription continued for quite a few years.

  • Phantasmagoria - Good lumen value poor features

    Tiny projector that does not have a recharging battery. Limited functions as in no sound, no on off switch. Best when used with images or for presentations. I have blown it up on the ceiling and used it for gaming and while it isn't full HD it offers a fairly sharp image and is bright. Comes with mini HDMI to HDMI full cable and powers with usb cable. Slightly washed colors and the only real feature being the focus ring. Can connect to many portable devices with the proper extra cables. I would recommend a tripod as this little thing needs planted in place to work best.