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  • shyliu - Worst ever

    The smell is nice. But as for the job...not so nice. I actually ended up shedding even more hair in the shower after I used this than usual so it's literally been sitting in my shower and not having been used for almost a year probably...NOT A GOOD PRODUCT AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!

  • KvonSuck - MISERABLE FAILURE - Won't download, won't install the correct version, can't navigate on Office site to fix MS's screw ups

    WOW what a piece of CRAP. I can't download anything but 32 bit version. My machine is 64-bit. The Microsoft site doesn't give you an option for downloading 64-bit. I followed the instructions to uninstall Office Pro 2013, and now I have no email, and I suspect that the uninstallation process took all my files, templates, etc. as well.

  • Aquitaine - Better than other organic argan oils I've tried...

    I used another organic Argan oil before, with not nearly as good results. I have very sensitive, acne prone combination skin that usually breaks out from just about everything. This has made my skin smoother, with smaller pores, softer and less acne. I highly recommend.

  • Ofir Reuven - Surprisingly great!

    In all honesty I didn't read much about the book prior to reading and expecting an interesting point of view (that of a die hard Republican as I myself lean further towards the Democratic party) and an idea of the legitimization of Trump's actions I was surprised to find a short novel discussing a topic that today I'm embarrassed saying I wasn't aware of. I truly enjoyed Jon Ronson's writing style and the alternative perspective about Trump's campaign.

  • theron w. reece - not bad at all and now I can not wait until ...

    This sounded too hokey so I had to give it a try, so I did!!!!!!! Started the first day of July 2014, bought organic coconut oil from Cosco at first the taste really was not what I expected then a couple days later, not bad at all and now I can not wait until I swish it around, it actually feels really good and I have not had my teeth cleaned in a few years but in just one month I have been told my teeth are looking much whiter, my tongue feels great<<<<<<<< So yes it works and makes my mouth feel very good/