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  • http://www.criminallawdenver.com/denver-dui-defense/dui-first-offense/ Colorado DUI First Offense Sentences | Tiftickjian Law Firm - The sentence for a first-offense DUI in Colorado includes the possibility of jail, probation, community service, expensive fines, and monitored sobriety.
  • http://www.criminallawdenver.com/about-us/jay-tiftickjian/ Jay Tiftickjian Named to Top 100 by National Trial Lawyers Association - DUI defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian was named to the National Trial Lawyers Association's Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Tiftickjian has a law firm in Denver.
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  • C. Egerton - If this were paper I'd put it in the bathroom.

    There's really now other home check book software. That's disappointing since Quicken is quirky and tough to use. I always have problems downloading transactions. I was online for THREE HOURS with Quicken (not living up to their name) to fix problem. I gave up and called my bank and they talked me through it in 20 minutes. If I ever have to upgrade again I think I will just create my own spreadsheet and take my chances on my own.

  • Linda Weinmunson - Amberen worked for me

    I am a 6 1/2 year breast cancer survivor. I have Chemotherapy induced menopause and because I was 45 and perimenapausal my period never returned and I was in full blown Menopause. The first thing I noticed was the hot flashes diminishing. They haven't totally gone away, but chemo induced menopause is worse than going through it naturally. When I first started getting them they came about every 10 minutes! Now I can at least deal with them. I find that sometimes my body fights it. I'll go for days without one and then they come back, but never as bad as they first were.

  • BetaLyrae - If you like the "dandruff-look" and smell of cheap deodorant.....

    This product is extremely disappointing due to small lumps throughout the cream, almost bead-like (as in exfoliating creams), which when applied to your hair look like dandruff flakes. It also has a very obnoxious odor, like cheap deodorant, which will overpower any cologne. Just terrible, not even worth $6.75, I tossed it!

  • T. L. Schmidt - Lightweight and just right!

    Great little case for the price. I love how slim it is, and since I prefer my phone without a screen protector I like having the front flap to protect the screen when I drop it in my purse. The champagne color matches the iPhone 5s color perfectly.

  • D. Hess - Terrible update to Quicken Product

    I have been using Quicken for many years (since the 90's) and was forced to "upgrade" from 2011 to 2014 product. The product does not import financial transactions well and drops some of the transactions during the import process (they are in the file but Quicken doesn't import them into the accounts). Thus, I spend too much time trying to reconcile my accounts, the job that Quicken is supposed to do...not fun searching through hundreds of transactions to find out which one Quicken didn't import. Also, the customer service model for the product is really bad...they drive you to a forum for solution. Been waiting for 5 months for an answer regarding the missing transaction.

  • Charlene Pierre-Ennis - Old test plan.

    Old test plan!!!!! 2007 Very dissatisfied. It's 2015. The test plan changes like every 3 years. The new NCLEX has select all questions. This doesn't. I received it in a timely manor though. The description stated that healthcare professionals are the narrators but I don't think that is true. The pronunciations are not accurate. The content is not adequate. Lots of questions some are the same ones repeated....... to make it seem like it's a lot. I was looking for more medical surgical nursing content. Also a guide should be given along with the CD's or at least a list of the contents. Too expensive for some CD's. I should have purchased it on vango notes for $30 at least I would have been able to listen to it on my phone for convenience.

  • Goodinfection (CS Lewis) - Leatherman Crater serrated blade

    I was looking for a light weight easy open tactical style knife that also had screw driver tools as I use those frequently. This knive has this. I order the serrated blade to use for cutting rope, etc. I loved it so much I ordered the straight blade for everday carry.