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  • marie - So easy to set up

    I have a 48 inch tv that i had been wanting to hang up so i purchased this Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for 40-70" TVs up to 165 lbs with 9-feet Braided HDMI Cable because it is cheaper than the ones that i seen at walmart and it even comes with an hdmi cord. It comes with great instructions as to putting it together so that was a breeze. This was very easy to install on my wall and i had no issues there. The tv mount looks great on my wall and my tv looks like it was the perfect size for it. I love that you can tilt it so that when your watching from different angles you do not get a glare on the tv. The hdmi cord works just as good as any other ones that i have used in the past. I would recommend this tv stand and the price is perfect.

  • madmuttz - Better than Toppik

    I am hypothyroid and have been slowing thinning for years. Rograine can only do so much so I went in search of something to help mask the thinning. I tried Toppik and Great Hair Day first. They worked okay when I waas coloring my hair a dark auburn but when I went back to my natural blonde hair color, both were obvious. I then saw the caboki add online and got their free sample. I am very happy with the product! It is light and less goopy than Toppik and, in my case, covers better.

  • NCrash44 - Best Sports Biography--an inspiring MUST READ.

    There are few athlete biographies that really transcend his or her accomplishments on the field, court, ice, etc. That is because no matter how much we idolize these athletic superstars often times there isn't much more than great stats--there isn't a story worth telling. But this book and Steve's story is truly the exception--it is without question the best sports biography I have ever read, even beyond Agassi's which is also exceptional. This book really shows how incredible Steve's accomplishments are and for those who struggle with any level of anxiety it is a MUST READ. I will be gifting this to many friends and family after experiencing it. And as a side note I grew up a fan of the niners NFC Rival, the NY Giants.

  • Dan W - Nice

    This book is very informative. I never thought that this book can motivate me and help me in a marginal way. It explain what consequences I will undergo and some helpful plan that can help me to be more motivated. This book really invest my time. Nice book

  • Nicole M. Rios - Seems to be making me break out

    Don't know how well this works for hair and nails, but my skin has started breaking out. Bad. Not just my face, but my chest, shoulders, and back. This is the only thing different in my diet/lifestyle, so I think I am going to discontinue use and see if it clears up...

  • Robyn - Great for keeping food warm!

    This is perfect for keeping chili hot outside, for a contest. Better than a crockpot since the warm is not as hot. It keeps it just warm enough without cooking. I can't wait to use at Thanksgiving and other holidays when another burner is always needed!

  • David - WHAT A FIND!!!

    So me and cousin Earl was drivin' back to the trailer park one night and I found this baby on the curb! Turns out some moron bought it for his youngin's to play in the box or something. When I sell enough meth to get the power turned back on, I'll tell you how it works. I did notice the remote came with batteries, though.