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Compass PHS | Health Activation Experts - Our Health Activation Platform delivers the key ingredients—transparency, prevention and pathways of care—to unlock the power of healthcare consumerism.

  • http://www.compassphs.com/solutions/ Health Activation Solutions | Compass PHS - An integrated solution of transparency, prevention and pathways of care will produce great results when powered by the right health activation platform.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/solutions/transparency/ Healthcare Price Transparency Redfined | Compass PHS - Compass empowers consumers to navigate the complex healthcare system with better information and smarter alternatives that save time, money & frustration.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/solutions/prevention/ Preventive Healthcare Programs With Results | Compass PHS - Clients are more than tripling compliance rates with healthcare prevention programs - thanks to single platform solutions such as Compass Health Prompt.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/solutions/pathways/ Improved Pathways to Healthcare | Compass PHS - Compass guides employees toward the right pathways to a healthcare solution that best meets their individual needs and lifestyle.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/best-practices/ Health Activation Practices That Work | Compass PHS - Real results in health activation for our client Melton Truck Lines. Learn what we can do for your company.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/best-practices/member-testimonials/ Member Testimonials | Compass Professional Health Services - Read testimonials from some of the hundreds of companies who have seen real results from working with Compass Professional Health Services.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/best-practices/videos/ Health Activation Videos | Compass PHS - A picture is worth a thousand words. Watch these helpful videos to learn more about what Compass PHS can do for your company.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/best-practices/webinars/ Healthcare Activation Webinars | Compass PHS - Practical advice to improve healthcare outcomes - watch webinars addressing issues in health activation, price transparency, and healthcare consumerism.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/blog/ Health Activation Blog | Compass PHS - Compass Professional Health Services, experts in health activation, offers insights on healthcare consumerism, price transparency and employee health.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/blog/health-plan-management/mistakes-avoid-implementing-cdhp/ Lookback: Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a CDHP - Today, I would like to look back at a blog post entitled, "Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)" - click to read more
  • http://www.compassphs.com/blog/employee-benefits/healthcare-costs-continue-rise-according-new-study/ Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise, According to New Study - Healthcare costs continue to rise, according to the recently released 2016 Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/blog/health-navigation/lookback-primary-care-physicians-consumers-need-know/ Lookback: Primary Care Physicians - What Consumers Need to Know - Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) are general medicine doctors for adults and children. Three things you need to know before visiting a PCP - click for more.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/blog/healthcare-quality/lookback-fda-approved-may-not-equal-safe/ Lookback: FDA Approved May NOT Equal Safe - All prescription medications go through four phases of FDA approval, yet some are determined to be unsafe after Phase 4 - click to learn more.
  • http://www.compassphs.com/video/who-is-compass/ Who is Compass? | Compass Professional Health Services - At Compass, it’s our mission to empower you to speak up about what’s right for you and your family when it comes to your healthcare.

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  • Joel - Exceeded overall expectations

    Having played guitar on and off for almost 10 years, I have remained at a steady skill level for some time. That, coupled with work and going back to school has made it difficult to pick the instruments up again. After hearing about this game from a friend, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.

  • LHOPE - Broken after 1 1/2 months

    The left burner quit working less than 2 months after purchasing. I use this about 3 times a week and expected it to last longer. Unfortunately, it's past the return window and I'd only get a partial refund and have to pay return shipping at this point. So I'll just keep it and use the right burner until it goes out. Really really disappointing. I'll buy another one, but not this brand.

  • G. Wilson - Bought this about a week ago because we found a ...

    Bought this about a week ago because we found a few bedbugs. After using up almost half the gallon on the box spring and mattress, I can assure you this product does not work. I got brand new bites last night and this was after thoroughly dousing the box spring and mattress.

  • Patcar - My favorite shampoo! Helped my hair finally grow and controls ...

    My favorite shampoo! Helped my hair finally grow and controls oil in hair. Having difficulty finding it locally so I came to Amazon. Super fast speed.

  • Holly - Great product!

    I have 4 children one being a baby. I feel like erase paste really hides my dark circles after a long night with not enough sleep. I have tried lots of products and this one is the best!

  • Soeasytohate - It's super thin and easy to set up comes with software ...

    Very clean and clear monitor. They say frameless but there is a small black border around it anyway. It's super thin and easy to set up comes with software to adjust the settings, or you can do it via your computers display settings. Liked it so much i bought two of them.

  • RealVermonter - I'll Miss you Mister Tiggums.

    Great unit... the only problem is that it puts out so many lumens of HD TV power that it vaporized my cat. All I have left to remember Mister Tiggums is a Hiroshima-like flash-shadow on the far wall of my apartment. Judging by the shadow, he was licking himself when he was nuked by 85 inches of Samsung awesomeness. All I can say is that he went out a happy cat!