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LASIK Eye Care Center – Serving Liverpool, Watertown, Upstate New York, Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants - Our LASIK and eye care center serving Liverpool, Watertown, Syracuse, and other Upstate New York communities offers the latest in vision care treatments and technologies. At Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants, we care about your vision.

  • http://www.cnyeye.com/about-us.html LASIK Surgeon &ndasy Ophthalmologist Serving Syracuse, Watertown, Liverpool, Upstate New York, Leslie D. Woodcock, Jr., M.D - Each ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon at Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants serves Liverpool, Watertown, and other Upstate and Central New York communities with outstanding eye care. Our doctors ââ?¬â?? Leslie D. Woodcock, Jr., M.D., Bruce Levinson, O.D., F.A.A.O., and Jeffrey M. Roth, O.D., F.A.A.O. ââ?¬â?? are eager to meet your ophthalmologic needs.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/laser-vision-correction.html Laser Eye Surgery – Vision Correction – Syracuse, Watertown, Central and Upstate New York - Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants provides laser vision correction eye surgery including LASIK and PRK to our patients in the Syracuse, Watertown, Upstate and Central New York areas. We offer the latest blade-free techniques to increase our patientsââ?¬â?¢ comfort during their procedures.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/lasik.html LASIK Eye Surgery – Syracuse, Liverpool, Watertown, Upstate New York - We offer LASIK eye surgery to patients in the Upstate and Central New York regions, including Syracuse, Liverpool, and Watertown. LASIK eye surgery is a quick and painless procedure that uses lasers to correct refractive errors.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/epi-lasik.html Refractive Surgery - Epi-LASIK - Syracuse, Upstate New York, Central New York - Epi-LASIK is an innovative refractive surgery technique offered to our patients in the Syracuse and Watertown areas. Epi-LASIK is ideal for patients with thin corneas, where traditional LASIK is not an option.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/technology.html All Laser LASIK – IntraLase - Upstate New York, Central New York - Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants are pleased to offer IntraLaseââ??¢ all laser LASIK to our patients in Upstate and Central New York. Blade free LASIK is one of the latest innovations to increase the efficiency and comfort of the corrective laser eye procedure.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/cataracts.html Cataracts - Cataract Surgery - Syracuse, Watertown, Upstate New York - Our ophthalmologists focus on providing premium custom cataract surgery to our patients in the Upstate New York area who suffer from the blurred vision that occurs with cataractsââ?¬â?the clouding over the lens of the eye that often occurs with age.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/glaucoma.html Glaucoma – SLT Treatment – Upstate New York, Central New York - Glaucoma is the result of increased pressure in the fluid of the eye. At Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants in Central New York, we focus on glaucoma treatment using SLT therapy, in which a laser is used to increase the flow of fluid in the eye and relieve pressure to prevent blindness.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/lens-options.html IOLs – Crystalens®, ReSTOR®lenses – Upstate New York: Syracuse, Watertown - Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are synthetic lenses that replace a natural lens damaged by cataracts. We offer our patients in the Upstate New York area popular IOLs, such as CrystalensÃ?® and ReSTORÃ?®, to replace their lenses and improve their vision.
  • http://www.cnyeye.com/patient-information.html Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants – Vision Problems –? Upstate New York, Central New York - Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants in Liverpool and Watertown serve patients with vision problems and eye conditions in Upstate New York. We focus on cutting-edge laser vision correction techniques and innovative treatments for cataracts and glaucoma.

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