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  • nodice - Entertaining

    3.5 stars. I was highly entertained, but then again I was sipping on Lemoncello while watching. I agree with other reviewer that this film is a combination of every catastrope film that you have ever watched before. But truth be told, I sort of enjoyed all those that came before this as well. I like that the last suspenseful moments are from our heroes screwing up, but I really didn't like losing the step-father in all this and am not at all sure that our main hero, Jackson, deserved winning his family back. I think an ending of father and step-father accepting each other would have played better. I mean, did the wife even miss her husband? She just bounced back with the first husband like it wasn't nothing. My main problem is the selling of tickets for such a major amount. I mean, the currency won't mean anything in a world of no goverment. Seems like having each continent invest in thousands of Noah Arks would have boosted the economy for the three years that they knew of the approaching end of days and they could have save a whole lot more people. 3 three years and 50 states building arks. How is this a bad plan? Some assistant being listened to as head of state? There were a lot questionable decisions, but like I said with the right buss you will still find this great entertainment.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't waste your money

    Reception is horrible. It's only good when you run the vehicle through a car wash. I've already tossed mine out & put the factory one back on.

  • Suzy Smith - Glitches not being fixed

    Several major glitches still have not been fixed in this program. When addressing envelopes, you have to input from scratch a return address for EVERY envelope. For at least three years now the single fold default envelope does not position the address on the envelope and no return address is written. That means EVERY printing requires changing the envelope selection to the mm size to get it to print. And you have to move the return address more to the center to have it all printed. The 2015 software package makes it difficult to read writing on the computer screen. 2013 was much better. I've been using this software since 2007 and am terribly disappointed that these issues aren't being addressed.

  • Melecio Galarza - Terrific screen for terrific price.

    Very terrific screen and for a terrific price. I was searching for a screen for my new build and was looking for something to be 1080P and with HDMI. When I started searching on Amazon, the first thing on the search list was this monitor. I was amazed by the price and wanted it no matter what. I had seen the model of this screen in white before but disliked it to it being white but when I saw this one I didn't think twice. Once it arrived, it was very nicely packaged and was surprised at how thin the monitor is compared to the last "thin" monitor I purchased, it is about half thinner than the my other screen. The settings it came with looked very nice but I changed some of the settings to make the blacks look how they have to, adjusted the brightness and contrast and now it looks terrific. I would really consider buying a second one in the future to go side by side with this first one.

  • Amazon Customer - Not a Joke

    This cream really works!!! My butt has become so full and plumpy. I'm really happy with the results. I noticed its roundness after 2 weeks!

  • D. Ebben - I liked the Chromebook 2 first edition, and I LOVE the 2015 Edition

    I've had the 2014 edition of the Chromebook 2 for almost a year -and love it- but when I heard about the 2015 Edition having a backlit keyboard and more power, I had to get it. Just yesterday received the 2015 Edition, and my first impression is great. The keyboard backlight and extra power are nice, but I was surprised that the keyboard also 'feels' and types better. And it seems a touch thinner and lighter as well. The more I use this Chromebook, I find that it is replacing both the desktop computer AND the tablet as my go-to devices. It's small, light and the battery lasts all day. It boots up super fast and never needs 'updating'. And that screen! Oops I better shut up; I'm starting to sound like a commercial.....