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Chadds Ford Wellness Center - Age management medicine including BHRT, O-Shot, P-Shot, Vampire Facelift and Breast Lift, Hair Restoration, Scalp and Facial PRP, Botox, and Dermal Fillers

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  • InspectorGadget - Bad company, bad product

    I had Web root a few years ago, admittedly. But that year I got hit by a succession of THREE really nasty rootkit viruses in drive-by attacks from celebrity web sites. I was on the phone to them constantly over the period of a few months and they were utterly uninterested in how and why their product failed so miserably. It was obviously poorly designed and written because it would get modal and bogged down when attacked and a rapid succession of attacks would wholly overwhelm it.

  • Jake - CLEP is the Worst Experience of My Life

    CLEP is Absolutely Horrible!! You have to fill-out reams of Surveys, as you're Enrolling for it. They want your blood-type, your Parent's Maiden names, any Secret fetishes you have, as well as quite possibly your first born, before you are ever allowed to take it. Minimally-invasive went completely out the door. Will make you Late, if you're trying to enroll at home, thinking that it'll just take a few minutes, or a reasonable amount of time. Such is Not the case, with the CLEP. Also, when you get done, you have to fill-out an extenuating Survey—once again---in which they ask you quite possibly a billion questions, holding you Ransom, before allowing you to Finish the Test. If you are in a hurry, or have a Compressed Schedule, that does Not concern them. I would say, Forget about the CLEP, altogether. They are Not interested in if you are a working person, or have Family, they are only there to waste your time. As in the case of the English Exam, you will not get to see any of your Results, anyway, and they will hold you in Suspense for several weeks, wondering the Results of their deplorable Test. Their endless non-sensical, pointless and utterly-time consuming, confusing going nowhere Voicemail System will give you Migraines, even if you've Never suffered from them, before. You will most certainly not get any help there, anyway, and will hang-up the Phone in utter frustration and desperation. You may even become Socially-Isolated, after that Traumatic Experience that is their Voicemail system. Their pdf "Master The CLEP" is the only Adobe Acrobat document ever created by man which does not have Clickable-Links in the Table-of-Contents. Basically, I'd much more enjoy being Waterboarded, a thousand times over than to ever have to put Myself through that tremendously Traumatic experience, Ever Again, that which is the College Board's CLEP program.

  • Shawn McKenzie - Great Club

    Just got this driver in the mail yesterday and took it to the range to test it out, took a few swings to get used to as I was slightly hooking the ball but after that I was able to pound the ball straight as an arrow. Definitely helped with the slice and when you do get a slice it is very minor. I have the whole set of pineweadow clubs and I love them!

  • SCgal - Awesome product!

    A little dab will do you...throw your hairspray away! The shorter your hair is, the better the results. This cool container of this awesome product will probably last me a year. It is so well worth the price.

  • Amazon Customer - Love It! Best floss I've ever used

    Love It! Best floss I've ever used! I have a good friend who is a dental hygienist. She gets all kinds of free samples that she shares, and I probably would never have to purchase floss, but will continue to purchase this product. My teeth are very close together, and several other brands of floss would get caught, and/or fray between my teeth. The coating on Cocofloss allows the floss to slip in and out with ease. It has a very faint flavor, just enough to notice, but not overpowering. The coconut flavor is my favorite. I've also used the mint, and like it also. And then there's those supposed benefits of coconut oil on the gums. Overall, a great product!

  • Marion Cipolle - Worked for my dishwasher

    Was an easy fix. Exactly as other feedback described. Glad I saw this before I messed with the pump, etc.

  • K. Sun - i got a trial of this at the hospital

    So I used it since it's designed for newborns. I only used to see if my baby would take a bottle at three weeks old. But she drank down the two ounces perfectly. It didn't constipate her or make her fussy. She loved it. But she was a breast fed baby so she didn't get it often. Good product for the first three months if you need to use formula