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Leading Pharmaceutical Company in India :: Century Pharma - Century Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical company in India involved in manufacturing & distribution of pharmaceutical products. Get in touch with

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  • Kase21 - Five stars with a caveat

    UP FRONT CONCERN; if you take antidepressants you should definitely consult your doctor and pharmacist prior to using garcinia cabogia. I cannot stress this enough.

  • austin - Very unimpressed with the product

    The wires melted. The fuse did not do what it was intended to do. I installed completely behind the dash worked fine for 3 days. And then on day 4(today) I went to start my truck to go to work and the battery had absolutely no power. The ground wire had melted and shorted out my battery and I had to replace my truck battery because of it. Unhappy with this product and now have to buy other product to replace it AND remove my dash/quarter panels again. Which is not easy or quick........

  • Amazon Customer - Great Read.

    Great battle scenes. Only thing is by now Stiger has to have need of false teeth for all the times he ground them. also a bad sore throat for all his growling. A real idealist leader. but I love action and suspense and there is plenty of that. I was never bored. Great read.

  • Mich - " Just like that, huh

    ZERO stars for Hoover Customer Service, and 2 stars for the vacuum itself. They will do ANYTHING to not have to replace the vacuum. I received the complete runaround TWICE. We only had it for 4 months until it completely stopped working. I called Hoover, the Rep had me test the battery and charger over the phone. We discovered that it wasn't the battery or the charger. She then placed me on hold for 10 minutes, came back and said "So, it's the battery, and we are going to send you a new battery." Just like that, huh? Clearly her Supervisor advised her to insist it was the battery, (knowing that it wasn't) and to NOT offer a vacuum replacement.

  • DESIREE VIERA-LOPEZ - It was okay.

    I compared it to an original that my friend owns, it was slightly more runny. I wasn't sure if water was added or something, because it was a lot cheaper than the original. It did work though, just not as effective as an original.