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  • Nathalie - Does not fit 2014 Toyota 4Runner

    This seem like a great product and a good idea, but it doesn't fit my 2014 4Runner. The corners on the safe are very squared off while the interior corners of the Toyota hitch are more rounded - so it doesn't fit. Can't return it because the packaging got thrown away, so it just sits on my counter irritating me until I can figure out what to do with it..

  • Amazon Customer - Citrus fiber. Bloated

    Tried citrus fiber. Took one day, now bloated, stomach pain, back pain little to no bowl movement. Hard to breath. Been 5 days. Maybe it's not something my body can handle.

  • Nick Pappas - Features like the backlit 7 color LED keyboard & bluetooth 3.0 make this an impressive bluetooth keyboard!

    I have been using this keyboard for a few days now and am very impressed! A few things stand out to me that I'll list below:

  • L. Darke - Great for touching up auto rims.

    Sprays evenly and is a pretty good match for most factory rims, in need of touch up. I use this to fix any imperfections, on my rims.

  • rural.life.tn - great product....might take a while to catch the smart critters

    After moving this box around in the yard a few times finally caught the first baby squirrel last night but had used squirrel food that was purchased at WalMart since nothing else I tried had worked. Well about 2 hours after moving it was when the first one was caught and let me tell you it's not a pretty sight due to the critters drive themselves crazy trying to get out. this one killed itself but exhaustion literally cause he was caught late evening and was in the cage all night. So if you can't handle the sight of this matter then have someone else keep track of the box for you and dispose of the critters when caught. I am a true animal lover but when the squirrels begin to damage things and taunt the dogs right up to the patio door that's why I took this measure to lesson these critters as well as they've found how to get into the attic walls of my mom's house which is not good. so I do have a trap in the attic as well. It got to the point two of our dogs would fight due to the excitement of the squirrels coming up the patio door taunting them. so I had to do something to fix the problem. I still have a long way to go but it's a start.


    I have a lot of hair, but its very fine. I have tried different products (changing shampoos, conditioners, mousse, and hairsprays - even other styling products). But, this is the only product that gives my fine hair the texture it needs to do whatever I want it to and still look good all day.