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Acupuncture Clinic & Treatment Center in Hood River, OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center - Cascade Acupuncture Center offers Acupuncture, Allergy Elimination, Chinese Medicine and much more. Contact us today for your FREE 15 minute consultation!

  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/hood-river/ Acupuncture Treatment in Hood River, OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Cascade Acupuncture Center is the Columbia Gorge's acupuncture specialists! Click here or call 541-387-4325 for more info on our Hood River location!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/the-dalles/ Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine in The Dalles, OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Come visit Cascade Acupuncture Center at our location in The Dalles, OR for your free consultation! Call 541-298-2378 to set up an appointment!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/stevenson/ Acupuncture and Comlementary Medicine in Stevenson, WA | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Come visit Cascaade Acupuncture Center at our location in Stevenson, WA today for your free consultation or give us a call at 509-637-3163!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/ Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Acupuncture in Hood River OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Cascade Acupuncture Center bases its health care approach on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Click or call today to get started!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/our-team/ Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturists in Hood River OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Meet the Cascade Acupuncture Center's team! We specialize in acupuncture & chinese medicine in Oregon. Call or stop by a location today to get started!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/purpose/ Purpose | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to get well naturally. Our clients get relief from symptoms and correction of underlying health concerns,
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/our-story/ Our Story | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Carola Stepper, a retired Registered Nurse and Licensed Acupuncturist, founded Cascade Acupuncture Center in 2005. Prior to that she had worked on her own,
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/news-awards/ News & Awards | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Opening of the Chinese Herbal Pharmacy in Hood River, 2010 Opening of the Second Cascade Acupuncture Clinic in The Dalles, Oregon, 2006 Opening of the
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/testimonials/ Client Reviews for Cascade Acupuncture Center in OR & WA | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Click here to see what our clients have to say about us! Cascade Acupuncture has 3 locations: Hood River and The Dalles in OR and Stevenson, WA.
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/how-we-are-green/ How We Are Green | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - The following is a summary of the presentation Carola Stepper, LAc gave at the Gorge Owned sponsored Green Drinks event in January 2013. Cascade Acupuncture
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/community-support/ Community Support | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - We are business sponsors of all of the local Farmer’s markets: Hood River Farmers’ Market Hood River Saturday Market Mosier Farmers’
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/faq/ FAQ | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - ABOUT APPOINTMENTS How do I schedule an appointment? For your first appointment please call any of our clinics or visit us in person during business
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/about/how-are-we-doing/ How Are We Doing? | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Let us know how we're doing by leaving us a review! Hood River The Dalles If you would like to review one of our locations - please click the button
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  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/free-consultation/ Free Consultation | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - No charge – no obligation, come check us out! Receive a 15 minute consultation with the Acupuncturist, including a clinic tour. In the Hood River office
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/visit-our-office/ Visit Our Office | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Welcome. We look forward to helping you reach your highest level of health. If you are a new client Please call us for your first appointment if you are ready
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/your-first-office-visit/ Your First Office Visit | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Please make sure you have had something to eat before you come in, wear loose clothing that you can push up above your elbows and up above your knees. If you
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/your-acupuncture-visit/ Your Acupuncture Visit | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Whether you have had Acupuncture before or this is your first time experiencing this ancient medicine, you may be curious about what your experience will be
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/insurance-and-fees/ Insurance and Fees | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - We are credentialed with all insurance companies that offer Acupuncture coverage. We offer complimentary insurance verification during your Free Consultation
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/the-cac-difference/ Chinese Herbal Medicine & Licensed Massage Therapists in Oregon | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - At Cascade Acupuncture Center we strive to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve health for people in the Columbia Gorge area. Click for details!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/conditions-treated/ Acupuncture for Back Pain, Fertility & More in The Dalles, OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Cascade Acupuncture Center provides acupuncture treatment for depression, arthritis, fertility, back & neck pain & much more. Click here or call today!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/relief-correction-maintenance-care/ Relief, Correction, Maintenance Care | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - At Cascade Acupuncture Center we focus on increasing the health of our clients by increasing the Level of Function in the Body. This is simply a concept and
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/allergy-elimination/ Acupuncture Allergy Treatment & Natural Allergy Relief in Hood River OR | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - At Cascade Acupuncture Center, allergy elimination sessions are available at both of our locations. Call us today to begin your allergy treatment!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/massage/ Oregon Masseur & Licensed Massage Therapist | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - The Cascade Acupuncture Center has a staff of highly trained Masseurs that specialize in Swedish, Medical, & Sports Massages. Call to book your appointment!
  • http://www.cascadeacupuncture.org/fertility-enhancement/ Fertility Enhancement | Cascade Acupuncture Center LLC - Upon deciding to become parents, either for the first time or not, many people find that it can be both an exciting and stressful process. In an ideal world

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  • Russell Weaver - Great bike and great price!

    Like many others on here I used to ride and was looking for a good entry level bike. I am super careful about how I spend my families money and always look at things as an investment. I looked at the Trek 1 Series and considered it. However, all my research and the price of this bike kept bringing me back. It was the only bike I felt comfortable buying. So, I pulled the trigger and ordered it. It arrived in a box like others have mentioned. I thought I would give assembly a go and it was much easier than I anticipated. It only took me about 30 minutes with access to limited tools. I took it for a spin and it seemed to be pretty good. I decided to use it to commute to work the next day. After forgetting how to unclip from my pedals and eating some road...yeah yeah...I went to use the front break when it made a weird sound.

  • Eddie Telleman - Wait for updated version. There are too many errors in this one.

    QB has some downloading and integration issues with your bank downloads. They have yet to resolve them and have a quite arrogant attitude. "We'll let you know when we fix it. Just give us your email." That is not acceptable.

  • sophisticatedlady1 - How much does thrive cost? Le-vel Thrive[...]

    I love using these products but I was the BIGGEST skeptic,. I used to believe all vitamins and I wellness products were created equally, but clearly that wasn't the case here. One day, I just decided I was sick & tired of being sick & tired and exhausted. I decided I would give Thrive 30 days to make me feel better and if it didn't work I was done. It took only 1 week for me to feel alive again.

  • ICBB Shopper - QuickBooks manual

    Good but could be better. Works as a book to read and also as a reference book to answer questions.

  • S Dougie Goodman - Big agenda - lots of space per day

    This is a beautiful agenda book. Bought it for my daughter who attends college. Please note, it is a VERY large book. This is beneficial if you need to write many items per day. If you don't require as much space daily, you might consider a smaller version.

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