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Carpet Dry-Tech - Carpet, Upholstery & Floor Care Services - Our customers trust us to deliver consistent, honest and ethical Carpet, Upholstery & Floor care services while always assuring clean results, fair pricing and dry carpets within 1 hour.

  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/our-process/ Our Process - Carpet Dry-Tech - Our process is a 'circular extraction' methodology, which scrubs all sides of your individual carpet fibers removing all the dirt and foreign matter,
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/services/ Our Services - Carpet Dry-Tech - Our Services - this menu lists all of the services that Carpet Dry-Tech offers, click on each service tab for more details about each service!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/carpet-cleaning/ Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Dry-Tech - professional carpet cleaning is necessary. Clean 3 Rms & 1 Hall only $99 OR Clean 5 Rms & 1 Hall only $149! Carpets are completely dry within 1 Hour!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/commercial-carpet-cleaning/ Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Dry-Tech - Commercial Carpet Cleaning - We can handle all your Carpets, Area Rug, Upholstery, Ceramic & VCT tile flooring needs! Dry within 1-Hour!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/oriental-area-rug-cleaning/ Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning - Carpet Dry-Tech - Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning. At Carpet Dry-Tech We still do them by hand and not sent out to harsh rug-farms. it’s always FREE Pickup & Delivery Service!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/upholstery/ Upholstery Cleaning (& Fiber Protection) - Carpet Dry-Tech - Upholstery cleaning (& Fiber Protection) - call us for all your Carpet & Upholstery Fiber Protection needs!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/carpet-dyeing/ Carpet Dyeing - Carpet Dry-Tech - Carpet Dyeing repairs, Oriental Airbrushing Color restoration, bleach spots, perm pet stains, or full room dyeing - commercial & residential
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/vehicles/ Vehicle Interior Cleaning and Protecting - Carpet Dry-Tech - vehicle Interior Cleaning and Protecting - Let us clean and protect your vehicle Upholstery, Carpets & Floor Mats!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/flood-damage/ Flood Damage - Carpet Dry-Tech - Flood Damage - Toilet or Tub overflow, water heater, pipes or sump pump failure...give Carpet Dry-Tech a call to clean it up!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/hardwoodtile-cleaning/ Hardwood/Tile Clean, Buff & Clear Coat - Carpet Dry-Tech - Hardwood/Tile Clean, Buff & Clear Coat - Professional Grade clean which removes most dirt, light marks, hardened food, grime and smears from your flooring!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/carpet-repairs-stretching/ Carpet Repairs & Stretching - Carpet Dry-Tech - Carpet Repairs & Stretching, threshold tears, patches, seam replacements and full carpet installations!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/specialty-stain-removals/ Specialty Stain Removal Experts - Carpet Dry-Tech - Specialty Stain Removal Experts - Pet Stains, Dye, water, furniture, glue, wax, nail polish, coffee, tea, blood...the list is endless!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/carpet-upholstery-fiber-protection/ Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Protection - Carpet Dry-Tech - Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Protection - Protecting your carpet, upholstery & Area Rugs is essential in prolonging the life of your carpets, upholstery & Rugs!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/our-products/ Our Products - Carpet Dry-Tech - Our Products - professional strength Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning solution
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/specials/ Specials - Carpet Dry-Tech - Carpet Cleaning Specials - Carpet Dry-Tech - Clean 3 Rooms & 1 Hall only $99 OR Clean 5 Rooms & 1 Hall only $149 - All re-cleanings for only $10 per room!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/testimonials/ Testimonials - Carpet Dry-Tech - Testimonials - read about all the great services we perform daily for all our wonderful customers!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/info-center/ Info Center - Carpet Dry-Tech - Info Center - FAQs & informative articles about carpet, upholstery & flooring!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/faq-2/ FAQ - Carpet Dry-Tech - FAQ page - where you will find answers to most common questions asked about our service!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/indoor-air-quality/ Indoor Air Quality - Carpet Dry-Tech - Indoor Air Quality - Rest assure you can breathe a little easier inside your home by keeping up with these few simple maintenance tips.
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/black-lines-on-edge-of-carpet/ Black Lines on Edge of Carpet - Carpet Dry-Tech - The black Lines on Edge of Carpet and/or underneath doors, are called filtration lines/soiling. They are predominately found where the most humidity occurs
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/dust-mites-dander-and-dead-skin-cells/ Dust mites, Dander and Dead skin cells - Carpet Dry-Tech - Your carpet and upholstery needs to be professionally cleaned at least once per year to remove these Dust mites, Dander and dead skin cells!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/contact/ Contact Us - Carpet Dry-Tech - Contact Us! Use this simple form to enter your information, an email will be sent to our office. One of our knowledgeable staff members will reply or call!
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/about-us/ About Us - Carpet Dry-Tech - about us - We represent Professionalism, honesty, Integrity, respect & Superior service with highly skilled Carpet, Rug and Floor technicians.
  • http://www.carpetdrytech.com/book-now/ Book Now - Carpet Dry-Tech - Carpet Dry-Tech's new Online Job Scheduling Page. You can now book your job right here online at your convenience 24/7. Book now with Online Job Scheduling!

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  • Lara Gray - Very Unique!

    This trilogy was very unique. I never knew what to expect. The author's Grammer was perfect and made it easy to read. I never wanted to put it down. I am really excited about the next book coming out this fall. If you like space marines in combat stories, you should love this!!

  • Joe Davis - Size is good but quality is not

    Size is good but quality is not. Once I put it on I went to unscrew it and it came apart. I just decided to leave it on for the look.