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Bradenton Cardiologist and Cardiology Center - Heart Specialists - CardioVascular Solutions Institute is located in Bradenton, Florida. High quality, state of the art cardiovascular care from the best cardiologists in Florida.

  • http://www.cardiovascularsolutionsinstitute.com/specialties/ Cardiology Services in Bradenton - Cardiac Specialists - At CardioVascular Solutions our services include aortic valve disorders, abnormal hearth rhythms, general cardiology, artery diseases and much more.
  • http://www.cardiovascularsolutionsinstitute.com/providers/ Bradenton Cardiologists - Best Cardiac Specialists in Bradenton, Florida - Our cardiology team includes Dr. Gino J. Sedillo, M.D. and Stacey Bispham-Royce, PA-C in Bradenton, Florida.
  • http://www.cardiovascularsolutionsinstitute.com/patient-testimonials/ Cardiac Care Patient Testimonials - CardioVascular Solutions - Find out what our patients have to say about the cardiology care they received at CardioVascular Solutions Institute.
  • http://www.cardiovascularsolutionsinstitute.com/blog/ Heart Center News and Information - Bradenton, Florida - Discover the latest news and information from Dr. Gino Sedillo at CardioVascular Solutions Institute in Bradenton, Florida.
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  • E. WEBB - No more losing my VOIP phone service.

    So far so good.. I've got my wireless router, cable modem, 2 VOIP phone devices, and a cordless phone plugged into the UPS's 5 battery plug-ins.. I powered it on and then unplugged the BRG1000AVR from the wall power outlet, and everything kept right on working off of the UPS's battery power.. So, I'm a happy customer. No more losing my phone service and wireless internet access when the power goes out.

  • Nana J - Great feeling

    I have used this serum for many years and it is great. Not greasy of heavy. It is especially good in the winter time.

  • Joanna 0216 - So Far, Thumbs Up!

    I bought THIS bottle along with Native Remedies EYE CLEAR PRO spray directly from the company at a discount. For almost 2 years now, I've had problems with one eye in particular. Initially, there was a redness (blood) that wouldn't go away but then a puffiness/swelling and itch started. Before long I was at the Eye Doctor attempting to get an explanation and prescription to clear it up much to my dismay. I ended up going to another Eye Doctor after that whom attempted to tell me the problem was caused by an eyelash growing inward. That might have been one cause for the irritation but the puffiness/swelling/soreness/itchiness never went away. Finally the original doctor told me, "You have dry eyes. Take this prescription occasionally but not for long periods. Use over the counter drops regularly and the prescription steroid when it's problematic." Well, it's only the one eye and it's yet to heal properly. It could be allergies but it only is effecting one eye. I did notice no need for any drops when I spent a week in New England but in Texas, where I live, for 2 years...it's an ongoing issue. That all being said- this is my hope to get off the prescription and resolve the swelling/soreness/itch. I wasn't aware that you take both of these meds orally, so that was surprising. I also figured it would take a few days to feel a difference but after a few hours, I already notice a difference! Right now, I'm impressed. If this one two punch manages to bring me relief, I will sing NR's praises. I realize every person's body reacts differently to meds and what works for me will not work for all but right now, I'm feeling pretty happy. It will be really nice to get off the steroid for good so fingers crossed. I'll return with my conclusion in another 30 days.

  • comfortable dave - Great utility knife.

    Fine EDC utility knife. Sharp, compact and strong. Nothing "Survivalist" here. A good sharp knife with a Philips screwdriver which I haven't used yet. Some people complain about the bottle opener. Haven't had a problem yet.