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  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/drug-shrinks-tumors-in-patients-with-brca-positive-breast-cancer/ Drug shrinks tumors in patients with BRCA-positive breast cancer - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - In a pilot study of 13 newly diagnosed, BRCA-positive breast cancer patients at MD Anderson, all had their tumors shrink significantly when treated with the drug talazoparib.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/mastectomy-plus-reconstruction-riskiest-costliest-treatment-option/ Mastectomy plus reconstruction riskiest, costliest treatment option - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - Mastectomy plus reconstruction in early-stage breast cancer patients is on the rise, but a new study shows it's riskier and costlier than other forms of treatment.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/lessening-the-global-toll-of-cervical-cancer/ Reducing the global toll of cervical cancer - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - From South Texas to countries in Latin America and Africa, MD Anderson’s ECHO program expands efforts to screen for cervical cancer.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/how-melanoma-resists-an-immunotherapy-drug/ How melanoma resists an immunotherapy drug - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - The immunotherapy drug Yervoy provides a significant survival benefit in about 20% of melanoma patients. Researchers believe they may have discovered why not everyone responds to the drug.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/genetic-variants-tied-to-head-and-neck-cancer-pain/ Genetic variants tied to head and neck cancer pain - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - A genome-wide association study has tied common genetic variants to pain prior to treatment for a type of head and neck cancer. Survival rates for patients with higher levels of pain are shorter than those with less severe pain.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/apollo-project-aims-to-expose-cancers-evasive-action/ APOLLO project aims to expose cancer's evasive action - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - A study that indicates how advanced melanoma responds to an immunotherapy demonstrates a revolutionary approach to understand the dynamics of cancer response to treatment.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/combination-therapy-shows-promise-for-chronic-myeloid-leukemia/ Combination therapy shows promise for chronic myeloid leukemia - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - A study in mice combining two inhibitor drugs for treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) has revealed potential for stopping the disease completely and significantly lowering cost treatment cost.
  • http://www.cancerfrontline.org/how-lasers-are-attacking-inoperable-tumors/ How lasers are attacking 'inoperable' tumors - Cancer Frontline - Cancer newsletter from MD Anderson Cancer Center - MD Anderson is one of a select few cancer centers in the nation using a probe that’s specially designed to heat and destroy brain and spinal cord tumors — regardless of their size or location.

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  • Litha Nelle - Entertainment, But Little Else

    This was a most interesting read. A magic system based mainly on tattoos? Color me intrigued. As it turns out, this has basis in our history, as yantra tattooing. Yantra tattoos are supposed to be a sort of good luck charm, or bestow magical powers, much like in this book. The practice is two millennia old.

  • Dennis L. Miller - Septic system helper

    I have been using Rid-x for about 7 years in my septic system here in Yuma AZ. This stuff works very well to help with dissolving solids. I treat the septic system every month (simply flush down toilet). So far I have never had a problem with the septic system. I had purchased this product from Sam's club for years, but, at least our local Sam's, no longer carries this. I checked on Amazon, and with my prime membership the Rid-x is actually a bit cheaper through Amazon than from Sam's. I like this product a lot.

  • Ray Upchurch - but is more like a very brief synopsis

    I would not suggest anyone purchase this book. This book says it is a review; but is more like a very brief synopsis. I am unsure if someone with a medical background actually wrote this as no Author is mentioned. There were some very brief definitions noted then added some questions at the end of the book. It is very poorly written with some abrupt stops and no further information. In regards to the 100 questions while it does have an answer key it does not give any explanation as to why these are the correct answer. Especially noted in one question that repeats the answer twice in the selections but only one of which were correct. While the book states on the “cover pass first time guaranteed”. I do not know how this would be possible as the book was so poorly written that you could not even answer the 100 practice questions. You may perhaps be wondering why the other 5 reviews are so positive, which is a question I asked myself. Then upon further review I noted that the other 5 were given the book at a discounted price to review and one of the reviews actually states that the answers were explained very well which I found to be incredible as there are no explanations given.

  • David Owens - excellent hose

    Some things you just HAVE to buy the best. After two of those pocket hoses, as seen on tv, broke in the same week, I decided enough was enough. This is a quality product that will not burst and comes with brass end fittings. You cannot do better for the money.

  • Farshad Rum - I liked this whole idea when I first decided to try ...

    Ok, I liked this whole idea when I first decided to try it. But after about the 2nd day, I could NOT take the taste anymore. YUUUUUCK.

  • Debbie M. - A little does a lot!!

    Was using an Equate Beauty lotion for years and was sick of my red, dry, skin. Bought a rotating facial brush and some Aveeno Ultra Calming cleanser and lotion, that I quickly returned after my skin felt like it was on fire after 1 use. I read the reviews for Cerave and thought I'd give it a try. I wish this PM lotion was a little less expensive or came in a larger amount, but I will buy it again. I did not purchase the AM lotion as I was unsure if the SPF would irritate my face like the Aveeno (also with SPF) did. For 3 weeks now, every night, I use the Cerave Hydrating cleanser on my facial brush, rinse the cleanser off and put the PM lotion on. 1 1/2 pumps is pleny, sometimes 1 pump, of this light lotion. The oderless lotion does not feel heavy or greasy and my skin improved within a day or 2. There was a couple of nights I missed, so I used it 1st thing in the morning.

  • Alan R - revajr

    great product. I`ve owned a hand held for 30 years. Haven`t used this bar clamp sharpener yet, but i`m sure it will be as good as the old one.