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Bureau Veritas world leader in testing, inspection and certification services - Corporate Website - Created in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/cif-business-review Bureau Veritas - Interesting article in Bureau Veritas' Commodities, Industry & Facilities' Business Review!
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/our-services OUR SERVICES - With 700 offices and laboratories in 140 countries and more than 26.000 collaborators, Bureau Veritas provides a vast range of services specialized in inspection and audit, tests and certification applied to quality, hygiene and health, safety, environment and social responsibility.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/about-us/our-business Bureau Veritas 8 global businesses: Marine, Industry, In-Service Inspection and Verification, Construction, Certification, Commodities, Consumer products, Governement services and International Trade - Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/finance Finance - BUREAU VERITAS - Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering services to help clients meet the challenges of quality, safety and environmental protection
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/worldwide-locations Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries - With a presence in 120 countries 500 offices worldwide and a qualified workforce of more than 10000 experts, Bureau Veritas provides an extensive range of specialized services in the areas of Conformity Assessment, Consulting, Training and Outsourcing.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/agriculture-and-food/ Agriculture and Food| Bureau Veritas - Food: Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of certification, inspection and auditing services that will help you meet the growing requirements and face the challenges of higher standards in Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/automotive/ Automotive | Bureau Veritas - You are an automaker or one of the numerous companies operating along the supply chain of the automotive industry, you need to monitor a great deal of specific quality, health and safety, environmental and social responsibility issues: Bureau Veritas can help you.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/construction-and-real-estate/ Construction and Real Estate | Bureau Veritas - Construction and Real Estate: Bureau Veritas can provide support in project management and assess conformity with all regulatory requirements during the design and construction phase.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/electrical-and-electronics/ Electrical & Electronics - Global leader in electrical & electronics testing, inspection and certification with labs and offices worldwide
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/governments-and-public-organizations/ Governments & Public Organizations | Bureau Veritas - If you are working for a Government, particularly in relation with customs and trade facilitation, for a local authority, or for an international organization such as the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations etc, Bureau Veritas can help you optimize the track record of the services your provide to citizens in the field of quality, health and safety, and environmental protection.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/industrial-and-manufacturing/ Industrial and Manufacturing | Bureau Veritas - As a manufacturer of industrial equipment, you have to comply with a number of ever changing regulations in the field of quality, heath and safety and environmental protection. Bureau Veritas can help you.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/marine-and-offshore-industries/ Marine & Offshore | Bureau Veritas - Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s leading classification societies and offshore verification bodies. Our engineers and technologists are dedicated to ship and offshore safety and efficiency.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/mining/ Mining | Bureau Veritas - Mining market: Bureau Veritas can offer you global expertise and assistance with such services as inspections and audits, measurements, risk analysis and other technical consultancy, or with support for the certification of your systems and processes.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/power-generation/ Power Generation | Bureau Veritas - Protect the integrity of your assets and maintain their productive value with our international network of local experts for any power industry: nuclear, wind, solar, hydro and transmission & distribution.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/retail-and-consumer-goods/ Retail & Consumer Goods | Bureau Veritas - As a retailer, Bureau Veritas can help you to minimize the risk of recalls, returns and complaints, protecting your brand and equity. Bureau Veritas will provide you with the appropriate testing, inspections and audit services throughout your supply chain.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/services/ Services | Bureau Veritas - If your company is involved in the services sector, such as health-care, finance and insurance, telecommunications services, tourism, etc.,Bureau Veritas can help you implement effective risk management and performance optimization of your operations, through periodical inspections according to regulatory or voluntary requirement.
  • http://www.bureauveritas.com/home/your-industry/transport-and-infrastructures/ Transport & Infrastructures | Bureau Veritas - Bureau Veritas proposes a full range of services during the design and construction phase of your assets, including:- For infrastructure projects: project management, design review, code compliance, quality control, quality assurance, construction site safety- For transport and cargo handling equipment: inspection of port cranes, inspection of containers, inspection of rail equipment.

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