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BPL - Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. - Information and supply of high quality plasma derived products to treat bleeding and clotting disorders such as hepatitis, haemophilia, immunoglobin and immunodeficiency

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  • http://www.bpl.co.uk/about-bpl/news/q/date/2016/06/06/press-release-6-june-2016-bio-products-laboratory-launches-coagadex-human-coagulation-factor-x-in-the-uk-treatment-for-rare-bleeding-disorder-hereditary-factor-x-deficiency-and-is-made-available-in-the-uk/ PRESS RELEASE - 6 June 2016: Bio Products Laboratory launches Coagadex® ▼ (human coagulation factor X) in the UK Treatment for rare bleeding disorder ‘hereditary factor X deficiency’ and is made available in the UK - Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. - Bio Products Laboratory launches Coagadex® ▼ (human coagulation factor X) in the UKTreatment for rare bleeding disorder ‘hereditary factor X deficiency’ and is made available
  • http://www.bpl.co.uk/about-bpl/news/q/date/2016/05/19/press-release-creat-group-corporation-agrees-to-acquire-bio-products-laboratory-ltd/ PRESS RELEASE: Creat Group Corporation agrees to acquire Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. - Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. - Bio Products Laboratory | Dagger Lane Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3BX United KingdomT: +44 (0)20 8258 2200 F; +44 (0)20 82582604 E: [email protected]

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  • Umeuph - This is a Beta Release

    I've been using quicken for over 10 years. I will probably continue to use it since it's still the most comprehensive piece of personal finance software available (which isn't saying much), but wow. Transactions don't download consistently, I have to deactivate and reactivate my online links to accounts almost daily. Forget syncing to the Quicken cloud because it crashes every time. And I do mean every time.

  • Amazon Customer - Poor reception, worse than expected.

    I love the look of the stubby antenna and the fact it doesnt get in the way if things or catch branches, but the reception is horrible. I knew it would be bad but it was much worse than expected. So if you want to actually listen to the radio, I would not buy this item.

  • Anna Hahn - My Favorite!!!

    Bought this back in Feb 2015 and it is the best purchase I have made in years. My back doesn't hurt when I get up and I slept through the night for the first time in a very long time. Setup was super easy too.

  • I. Hunter - This is a GL-5 oil; you may not want it for your older tranny!

    Warning: this is a GL-5 oil. GL-5 is what most of you want...but, not everyone. If you are looking for a manual tranny oil, and the specs call for GL-4, this may not be what you want. I know the "company line" is that GL-5 is back compatible..but, that is just not always so.

  • A book girl! - beautiful like every year's barbie dolls!

    From a 10 year old girl....A pretty doll. This doll is very durable, pretty, and I play with them, and that does no harm. I would recommend this to any person who likes Barbies. The cardboard under this doll's dress gets flat easily, so I took it out. And also, sometimes I think this doll looks a bit snotty. I wish they would smile, not just pose seriously with all their doll makeup.

  • Timm - Great inexpensive digital hygrometer

    I bought this same hygrometer packaged as Acu-Rite brand from a Mill's Fleet Farm for $9.99 more than a year ago. I've always had it turned on since then, and I've never had to change the batteries. I tested the unit not long after I bought it and again just yesterday (using the NaCl and distilled water test and the Boveda humidipak kit) and after 8 hours the display stabilized at 75% just as it should. I also made a Potassium Carbonate test and it was stable at 43% after ~18hrs. This is great to see from a $10 unit. I've traveled with this product and it has held up through that as well. I've never tested the accuracy of the thermometer, as I mainly bought this instrument to read RH in an instrument (guitar) room, and guitar cases. I've also owned "The Weather Channel" brand weather stations with built in hygrometers that were more than twice the cost of this product, and found them to read more than 10% off when testing.

  • RICHARD - After downloading the program I am now getting sign in ...

    After downloading the program I am now getting sign in popups to reset the password several times an hour. Tech support will run you thru all sorts of fixes, registry fixes, etc. that do not do anything to resolve the problem. There is also a possible virus problem with the software; check out odscanui.exe(don't run). The only solution, get rid of the program or don't download in the first place.