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  • Stephen S Day - Save your $$$$ buy something else

    Swimming activity stinks easy to start workout but impossible to end workout even tried shutting off phone and since phone was shut off before upload all data was lost bought this hunk off junk specifically for swimming and it doesn't work

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  • M SF Native - I am happy with the product as its serving its purpose

    I've used the film for the past 6 months and it has held up after two phone drops, once on the corner side and another face down. I place my phone in my front pocket and sometimes I have my car keys in the same pocket. Though the screen claims to be scratch resistant, scratches have occurred from the key edges. This is something that you have to expect, as I don't think anything can be truly scratch resistant. As other reviewers have stated, the film edges are tapered a bit and do not cover the entire phone screen, so placement of screen as centered as possible is critical. It's imperative that you read the instruction and follow it exactly. I believe those that don't will find themselves maligning the film, will have dust trapped under it, or have to remove and reinstall film (which will reduce its adhesive coating), and eventually its ability to stick to your screen. I am happy with the product as its serving its purpose, being a sacrificial screen.

  • Predator51 - Ink mages are awesome!

    This is the first time I've read about ink mages. They can do some mighty powerful things with their magic! The duchess, who becomes an ink mage, acquires some unique individuals to help her, as she attempts to reclaim her castle. I look forward to reading the next book in this most fascinating series!

  • pack55 - Good Service

    The part was as advertised and was shipped as promised. The directions were skimpy. With the help of Youtube videos we fixed the dishwasher at a minimal cost.