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ELISA Kits � ELISA Test Kits - BioSupply UK Ltd - BioSupply UK offers the best price on ELISA Test Kits � guaranteed. Contact us for more information about our ELISA kits and our full line of biotech and research products

  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/20-clinical-chemistry-kits Clinical Chemistry Kits - BioSupply UK Ltd - Clinical chemistry kits are intended to be used to investigate chemical and biochemical processes which occur in the body in relation to a specific disease.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/21-elisa-kits ELISA Kits - BioSupply UK Ltd - ELISA kit and EIA kit procedures are enzyme based methods which can be used to measure and quantify the concentrations of specific substances within a given sample.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/23-enzymatic-assay-kits Enzymatic Assay Kits - BioSupply UK Ltd - Enzyme assay kits can be useful in determining the rate of a catalysed enzyme reaction [enzymatic kinetics]. This can be important in understanding the mechanism which a specific chemical reaction follows.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/24-rapid-test-kits Rapid Test Kits - BioSupply UK Ltd - Rapid test kits are immunoassay’s which are designed to provide a quick yes or no result without having to use any special equipment. They are semi- quantitative in nature with good sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/28-hormones Hormones - BioSupply UK Ltd - Hormones are proteins which are the human body's chemical messengers. They are found to travel through the blood stream to tissues or organs which are a distance away from each other.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/42-chemokines Chemokines - BioSupply UK Ltd - Chemokines play a key role in the initiation and guidance of immune cells to migrate and recruit at sites that have been infected or damaged.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/content/9-articles Articles - BioSupply UK Ltd - Have a look at our featured articles about many things like how to diagnose, hot topics and more.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/7-assays-and-kits Assays and Kits - BioSupply UK Ltd - BioSupply UK offers a wide range of assays and kits that are designed for either quantitative or qualitative detection of a specific analyte. Assay methods are now seen as a major component of modern day research.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/26-cytokines Cytokines - BioSupply UK Ltd - Cytokines are a large group of non antibody proteins which have the ability to act as cell signalling molecules and there main role includes cell to cell communication during an immune response.
  • http://www.biosupply.co.uk/27-growth-factors Growth Factors - BioSupply UK Ltd - Growth factors are proteins that can stimulate a cell response (proliferation, differentiation and growth) by binding specific cell surface receptors.

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  • Rose - Dangerous Junk!

    I bought this 32" Element TV in 2013. It had terrible sound but I used it as "background" sound to keep me company around the house. Two weeks ago, while watching it, the TV started smoking from the back panel. I am grateful that I was sitting near it and got it unplugged before it caught fire!!!

  • Curious Professor - Very sturdy Bag and Holds a Whole Lot of Stuff!

    I carry this bag just about everywhere I go. I took it with me to Australia this past summer. I take it to work with me, as it holds a lot of items. I don't go on a flight without this bag, as it is TSA friendly. What I mean by that is you can stow your computer in the zippered back compartment (secured by a strong Velcro tab) and when I get to security, I unzip the compartment, lay it down flat on the belt that goes through the X-ray machine and I don't have to take out my computer. The bag is well made. I've had mine for a few years now and it is still in good shape after all of the use I have put it through. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • Lynette S. P. - Making sense out of my banking

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong butt I'm always having to look something up in my book and I'm so glad it's there to help me the program itself doesn't seem to have enough directions for me anyway