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  • Official Best - For the money a winner so far

    I just got this and set it up by myself yesterday and did my first workout with it. I find it to be solid and easy to put together. It recommends 2 people and probably a good thing for most but I did it myself. Most of it is easy without anyone else but a few situations I needed to place a chair close to hold up parts in order for me to do it. Solid build and actually surprised at the quality for the price. The seat is a bit small in my opinion but not a big issue at all considering I'm only setting in it for about a half hour. I have found no noise or squeaking issues as some have mentioned. Also one of my main issues is having a good upper body workout with the hand peddles. It has good resistance and does have the same resistance peddling forward or backward. Also having used a gym commercial torso peddler in the past, I know that you can also use the arm length adjustments to maximize resistance. Set them out fully for easy use but as you get stronger, set them in further for more resistance. Know one on the reviews have mentioned this before and the company does not mention this in the brochure for some reason. The foot peddle is solid and adjustments allow any level of resistance. Should I find issues that arise I will post later but for now I am very satisfied and feel I got a great buy. Also a nice note to see the company selling these is based in Houston. It is made in China but I have found Texas companies to be honest and reliable so if I need future back up on this, I feel good they are based out of Texas. I travel a lot for a living and find Texas to be a really good state when it comes to integrity. I hope however I do not need their assistance! I also did buy the 2 year smart guard protection plan as I also don't believe anything in China will last more than a year if that. But again, this seems to be solidly made and well thought out in making it easy to put together which quite frankly was a pleasant surprise for me.

  • V. Middlebrooks - This book saved my life!

    I was lucky and found out about this book from doing research about acid reflux. I immediately ordered the book and read it in one night. I told my husband that this has been my problem all along. I have too little stomach acid! I have been plagued with acid reflux for the last 17 years(I am now 38 yrs old). When I would wake up in the morning, I would have a burning feeling in my esophagus even while taking the well known proton pump inhibitors. I had no energy and I really felt like I wasn't going to live much longer. I immediately flew to Dr. Wright's clinic and was tested there when they confirmed moderate hypochlorhydria. With everything they have recommended, I can't believe that I am no longer plagued with acid reflux. In addition to the low stomach acid, I was very ill with severe yeast overgrowth throughout my body and I wasn't assimilating any vitamins or nutrients. I thank God for Dr. Wright. I will be on his treatment plan for a year (currently it's been 6 months)and then will get re-tested to see if I am finally producing enough stomach acid on my own to help digest my food. Over the past 17 years, I have had many tests run on me by the Gastroenterologists. I never could get an answer as to why I had acid reflux. I was simply told to keep taking the proton pump inhibitors. If you are suffering from acid reflux,

  • John F Whelan - So far everything is just fine.

    This program is for my wife.Her previous card program does not work on our new computer.She is very creative,make cards and other things during the holiday and birthdays.So far everything is just fine.

  • Martha Pulla - Wish it could be available at all times.

    It does what it says. No more allergies symptoms...being clear for over a year. Great product! Unfortunately, not easy to find to order.

  • flyfisherman86 - These Fit Perfectly!

    These arrived really quickly. I had them installed in less than 10 minutes and they fit like a glove. With 4 kids and a dog they have already helped immensely. I wish they were a little thicker where your heel rests on the floor for the accelerator. That spot always seems to wear out much quicker than the rest of the floor mat. It would greatly extend the life of these expensive floor mats. I would definitely buy again.

  • Kurzy Surfer - Works for my allergy fatigue

    I have been taking D-Hist for about two years after having it recommended to me by two different wellness physicians. It works really well to eliminate my allergy fatigue and foggy thinking but I need to take up to 6 or 8 pills for true relief. Will continue to take since it is the only product that has been successful at clearing up my allergy symptoms with no drowsiness.