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Bio Energy Medical Center 734-995-3200 - Bio Energy Medical Center is a holistic center focusing on total physical and mental health. We treat illness at its source.

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  • foxtrot - good product

    I bought this when the regular strength product was not in stock. Worked for me. My hair had more volume and I didn't seem to be losing as much.

  • Omar - Works for a while..

    At first it worked in some way; in about two days the leaked was greatly reduced, although it did not stop completely. It continued like that until the next oil change. The leak came back after I changed the oil. The bottle states it is a permanent solution and that no additional additive is necessary after changing the oil, but this is not so. I expected it to seal the leak permanently as it was stated in the bottle, or at least reduce it. What is the purpose of sealing a leak only for a while if it will come back again? What says in the bottle is misleading, this is not a permanent solution.

  • Distressed Mother - Wish I had taken the time to come here and read the reviews

    I bought the product after watching the informercial. The one thing I will congratulate the producers about is for picking up a spkesperson who is a poster child for great skin. But there is no doubt in my mind that Cindy Crawford does NOT use these products. I had great results with my Estee Lauder, but figured that if I got a great product which was also cheaper than my Estee Lauder, this would be a bonus. After 9 months of using Meaningful Beauty, I noticed that my skin was losing its elasticity, and wrinkles were coming out more pronounced. True that the products look and feel great when you apply them, but for me the feeling smooth is not the only thing that matters, and in fact does not matter at all if I don't see results. Products' texture was always great, but their effectiveness is lousy, and for me the effectiveness matters more than the smoothness. Scrubs are not smooth, but they work to remove impureties. So, if you have another product that works for you, do NOT drop it for Meaningful Beauty, because you will end up regretting it. The cost saving is really not worth it.