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The Big Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing | Scotland | UK - The BIG Partnership is an integrated public relations and digital marketing agency, and with around 100 staff and 300 retained clients, the largest communications consultancy in the UK outside of London.

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  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/about/big-people BIG People | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - The biggest PR agency outside of London, The BIG Partnership employs around 100 communications professionals based around the UK.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/about/big-offices BIG Offices | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Get in touch with The BIG Partnership's offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Fife & Liverpool for PR and digital marketing services around the UK.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services Services | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - The BIG Partnership is an integrated communications & digital marketing agency offering a wide range of services.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/public-relations Public Relations | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Award-winning public relations services from the UK's largest communications agency outside London.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/social-media Social Media | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Social media marketing strategy,online reputation management, training, monitoring & evaluation from the experts.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/search-engine-optimisation Search Engine Optimisation | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Search engine optimisation specialists providing professional SEO, strategy and organic SEO for UK businesses.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/digital-marketing Digital Marketing | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Integrated digital marketing services, from email marketing and search engine marketing to mobile application and online video.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/design Design | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Fully-integrated, award-winning design and brand development from the marketing communications experts.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/event-management Event Management | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Award-winning event management from BIG's flexible and experienced events team, delivering spectacular events worldwide.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/publications Publications | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Compelling communications through all types of print and digital publishing, producing everything from printed newsletters to websites.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/video-production Video Production - Effective internal communications from staff magazines and blogs to full company communications strategy planning.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/services/stakeholder-engagement Stakeholder Engagement | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - High-impact stakeholder engagement and community relations from BIG's team of public relations and communications experts.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors Sectors | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Transport and Infrastructure PR – paving the way for transport developmentsFrom bikes to buses, trains to trams, how we get around has never been more firmly in the glare of the media spotlight.Politicians, communities and the travelling public are all deeply invested in transport infrastructure, both for how it will improve our lives and how it impacts on the environment.The BIG Partnership has a track record of high-level PR support for major transport and infrastructure projects, including the M74 and M80 motorway projects, the Forth Replacement Crossing, Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, the Borders Railway and Edinburgh Trams.Our work for developers and designers, constructors and operators as well as the Government and transport bodies, has given us 360° vision of the sector and an in-depth understanding of the issues.BIG’s experienced transport PR team offers strategic communications advice from concept to completion, raising awareness, communicating and consulting with stakeholders, helping foster a positive climate to allow successful project construction and delivery.Our work spans roads, rail, air and sea with a client portfolio which includes Transport Scotland, Peel Ports, Eastern Airways, Loganair and GRAHAM Construction.Speak to us about how we can get your transport communications needs on the right track .
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/b2b Business to Business PR | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Award-winning B2B PR and marketing campaigns delivering measurable results for corporate services clients.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/consumer Consumer | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - With a proven track record in creative consumer PR campaigns, BIG's consumer campaigns deliver high-impact & high-value.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/education-skills Education & Skills | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - At BIG, we understand the challenges faced by the education sector and can use our specialist knowledge to deliver effective campaigns.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/energy Energy | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Energy industry public relations from a passionate energy PR team & Scotland's leading energy sector communications agency.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/financial-services Financial Services | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Innovative PR for the financial services industry, designed to deliver maximum benefit and PR return.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/food-drink Food & Drink | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Specialist food & drink PR campaigns from the team behind some of the UK's biggest household names.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/health Health | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Delivering healthcare PR through a team with the experience and understanding to deliver sensitive and challenging campaigns.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/oil-gas OIl & Gas | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Aberdeen-based specialist oil & gas PR, with our knowledgeable and experienced team crafting expert campaigns.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/professional-services Professional Services | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Results-driven professional services PR from the people with a track-record in delivering for market-leading professional services firms.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/property-construction Property & Construction | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Property PR from Scotland's leading property PR agency, with experience across the length and breadth of the UK.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/public-sector Public Sector | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - BIG's dedicated public sector PR unit focuses on delivering integrated communications and best practice guidance.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/retail Retail | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - With unrivaled knowledge of the retail media landscape in Scotland, BIG's retail PR team deliver campaigns that complement your brand.
  • http://www.bigpartnership.co.uk/sectors/sport Sport | The BIG Partnership | PR & Digital Marketing - Top of the league sport PR with Scotland's leading sport PR agency covering everything from international competition to local games.

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