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Better Childbirth Outcomes - Better Childbirth Outcomes.com shares information to promote optimal pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and bonding outcomes. What happens during pregnancy and childbirth does affect subsequent breastfeeding and bonding. It is therefore beneficial to enhance the pregnancy and birth process for optimal childbearing outcomes for all mother-baby pairs.

  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/better-childbirth-outcomes.html Contribute to Better Childbirth Outcomes - Would you like to share your knowledge about better childbirth outcomes? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/definition-of-optimal-childbearing-outcomes.html Definition of Optimal Childbearing Outcomes - What is the definition of optimal childbearing outcomes? It consists of the healthiest possible foundation for the physical and emotional development of the family. This site is dedicated the improving outcomes for mothers and babies.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/best-possible-childbearing-outcome.html Best Possible Childbearing Outcome - The best possible childbearing outcome is the highest level of health attainable for an individual mother and baby. Here are the factors needed to achieve that goal.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/pregnancy-outcomes.html Pregnancy Outcomes - The best pregnancy outcomes are listed in the 20 factors of Optimal Childbearing Outcomes. These are the most important indicators of maternal and child health.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/pregnancy-herbs.html Pregnancy Herbs - These 7 guidelines for pregnancy herbs will prevent adverse effect of herbal products. Herbs can be used safely during pregnancy when these common sense guidelines are followed.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/massage-in-pregnancy.html Massage in Pregnancy - Learn techniques to use touch and massage in pregnancy and labor. Effective massage is relaxing in pregnancy and helps women stay focused during childbirth.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/positions-for-childbirth.html Positions for Childbirth - Using active labor positions for childbirth helps the baby descend and the mother's labor progress. Our FREE active labor position handout demonstrates valuable positions for labor.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/movement-in-labor.html Movement in Labor - The mother's movement in labor is empowering and can facilitate the descent of the baby. Here are five tips for movement in labor.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/Inducing-Labor.html Inducing Labor - Labor inductions occur in approximately 40% of all births in the United States. Evaluate the reasons, methods, and safety of inducing labor in this series of articles.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/water-birthing.html Water Birthing - Aquatherapy is one of the most effective comfort measures for childbirth. Discover 3 methods of using water birthing in your labor. Evaluate research on women's experience with water for childbirth.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/vocal-toning-for-childbirth.html Vocal Toning For Childbirth - Vocal toning promotes relaxation and focus and strengthens the physiological connection between the vocal cords, the diaphragm, and the perineum. Step by step instructions on how to practice vocal toning for childbirth.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/abdominal-lifting.html Abdominal Lifting - Abdominal lifting is a natural labor technique which involves stroking the abdomen to encourage the baby to descend into the pelvic. Find out how abdominal lifting is used in childbirth.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/back-labor.html Back Labor - Back labor occurs in about 25% of labors and causes increased discomfort to the mother. Our FREE download
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/second-stage-of-labor.html second stage of labor - Second stage of labor occurs after the cervix is completely dilated and the mother pushes to bring the baby down the birth canal. Physiologic second stage occurs when a mother works with her body's natural impulses. Free download on the process of second stage to learn methods related to physiologic birth.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/starting-to-breastfeed.html Starting to Breastfeed - When starting to breastfeed in the first hour of life, it is important to remember these 8 tips for successful breastfeeding.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/breastfeeding-positions.html Breastfeeding Positions - Finding comfortable breastfeeding positions makes nursing easier for mother and promotes improved latch. Learn techniques to use the chin to nipple line on the 4 most effective positions for breastfeeding.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/breastfeeding-latch.html Breastfeeding Latch - The correct breastfeeding latch is important to establish from the first day. FREE download on the 8 Criteria of a proper latch.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/latching-on.html Latching-On - The 7 criteria for a proper latch are described in these step by step directions for latching on a baby to the breast. Improper latch can lead to sore nipples and frustration for mother and baby.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/breastfeeding-checklist.html Breastfeeding Checklist - Use our breastfeeding checklist to determine what nursing supplies you may need or for helpful for feeding your newborn.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/how-to-increase-milk-supply.html How to Increase Breast Milk Supply - Learn how to increase breask milk supply with these 7 methods of enhancing lactogenesis while nursing.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/skin-to-skin.html Skin to skin - Skin to skin contact is the best adjust for a newborn in the first hour of life. In spite of the research, some mothers and professionals object to this practice. Evaluate the value of this practice.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/mother-baby-separation.html Mother Baby Separation - The separation of mothers and infants in the hospital setting is common although there are physical and emotional disadvantages to this practice. There are three distinct phases of mother baby separation during a typical hospital stay. Reasons for the separation, effects, and alternatives and presented.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/delayed-attachment.html Delayed Attachment - If selt-attachment of the newborn does not occur in the first hour after birth, delayed attachment can be used to promote maternal infant bonding in the first few weeks of life. Here are four methods that promote skin to skin attachment and bonding between the infant and mother.
  • http://www.better-childbirth-outcomes.com/risks-of-newborn-nursery.html Risks of Newborn Nursery - Decades have research have indicated the value of keeping mothers and newborns together. Simultaneously, there is a growing body of research indicating the risks of newborn nursery use and the common practice of separating the mother and her baby. This article lists the disadvantages of removing the baby from the mother's presence.

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