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  • Gma Teri - My new Book Boyfriend!

    I just found my new book boyfriend. Name: Jarek, Title: War Master, Species: Preor, Description: Burnished coloring, silky hair Green scales and wings. Oh and can turn into one huge dragon when necessary! Age: 500 and something (after 500, I'd just quit celebrating), Personality: Dominant, ah extremely dominant, likes to speak in one word sentences like "stay." Noble and courageous. Oh and as sexy as all get out! I'll ignore the fact that he has shared the "knowing" with Melissa. In fact, I'm not sure she deserves him. After all she fled right after they shared the knowing and that hurt him, mentally and physically. Yeah, yeah, it did her too but that's her own fault. Oh and I was given this new boyfriend in return for an honest review of him and honestly ladies he's HOT! Like WAY HOT! Worth trying to make your own book boyfriend but doesn't matter, he's mine!

  • Kelsey - Cheaper than the Drugstore

    This is cheaper here than in the drugstore! Great product - glad to have the SPF 30 (rather than the common 15). I bought this because it's supposed to help your skin regenerate faster to help with my acne. My skin is definitely better - though I've made a few changes so it might have been a combination of the different things I was doing.

  • Classy Mamma - We love the family "fights"

    Santa sent one for every family member! We love the family "fights". Do recommend getting the extra bullets tho'. This version is great to load on the run. Can sting if too close to exposed skin. For the sensitive in the family- we have them put on 2 sweatshirts when we war (to soften the sting).

  • Mariano's - High quality for a great price.

    I decided to give this a try and let me tell you it is awesome. It is a snug fit Unlike some of the other off brands that do not click into place right, this one did. Clicked into place first time solidly no problems. I took about 5 minutes of a steady use to get the clear water from the filter.

  • Redline - -16F here and the Nest has failed...

    Great product. Loved it. Until I woke up the coldest morning of the decade with NO heat. Worried about bursting pipes in the crawlspace, I had to call a technician in. Several hundred dollars and a new controller board later... Still no heat. Guess what? The latest download 4.0 software has "killed" my thermostat. The fix??? A $15 thermostat from the hardware store. The Nest is pretty and works well when it is working, but this fiasco has me rethinking this product. Would I trust the same company to protect me from Fire and Co2 based on this??? Worse yet, it appears that the Nest company has been covering up search information that could have helped me with my problem in the first place. Word of advice to Nest, put your efforts into the product and let it speak for itself.

  • T. Barksdale - A Riveting Look at 21st Century America

    Coming Apart is a fact-based assessment of the dysfunction that afflicts middle- and lower-class white America, especially its males. If you want to understand the deeper currents shaping modern America--beyond blind partisan politics and deep divisions over social issues--this is a must-read. I don't buy Murray's obsession with America's presumed core traditional values as the standard against which to measure white America's slide, but I applaud his presentation of the current problems.