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Ayurvedic Bazaar -- Herbal Formulations, Medicinal Foods, Spices, and Books - This Ayurvedic formula for the heart supports proper circulation, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It intended to promote the kind of health that reduces the risk factors associated with chronic circulatory problems. It is dosha balancing for all types.

  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/vata.php Ayurvedic Herbs for Vata Imbalances - Dosha - Excess Air - The primary characteristic of "vata" imbalances is that the symptoms are quite changeable, often causing the uninitiated to believe that the problems are entirely psychosomatic . . . because no pathological basis for the conditions are detectable. This attitude is a disservice to patients who suffer from vata problems, which is a large number of people in the world.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/pitta.php Ayurvedic Herbs for Pitta Imbalances - Digestive Fire - Agni - Ayurveda places enormous emphasis on the importance of good digestion and assimilation. This formula promotes digestive fire without aggravating the pitta dosha or irritating the delicate membrane lining of the stomach and intestines.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/kapha.php Ayurvedic Herbs for Balancing Excess Kapha - AyurvedicBazaar.com - The information and the products offered on this site are based on the precepts of the Ayurvedic tradition. The primary theories of Ayurveda bear little similarity to modern medicine.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/bulk_herbs.php Ayurvedic Bulk Herbs and Spices - Fruit Powders - Dashmool - We offer a nice selection of bulk herbs from India in packages as small as 2 oz. up to one pound. Some of the herbs are consciously wildcrafted and many are certified organic.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/diy_chyawanprash.php Make Your Own Chyawanprash - Bulk Herbs - Making your own Chyawanprash can be an interesting and creative experience. You need to understand that the procedures are a bit different from making jam or other preserves, but assembling the ingredients is made easier by shopping here.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/ghee.php Ghee - Indian Ghee for Cooking and Topical Use - Medicated Ghee - Ghee is made by cooking butter until the oil separates from the milk solids and the moisture is evaporated. The remaining product is "clarified" and has an extensive shelf life without the need for refrigeration. Ghee is revered in India and often used as a carrier for herbs. This makes it into medicated ghee. It is also used topically. Being an oil, it easily penetrates and rejuvenates lipid membranes in the body, improving their viscosity and resistance to infection.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/spice_oils.php Ayurvedic Essential Oils from Spices, Flowers, and Herbs - Pure, unadulterated essential oils from spices can be used in diffusers for aromatherapy, massage oils, and in very tiny amounts in cooking or for food preservation. A drop of oil in ice cream or rice pudding or cheesecake can make for an exotic taste experience. The oils can also be used in salad dressings or beverages consumed at room temperature. One drop per day is generally more than adequate. Overuse is discouraged.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/vadik_herbs/vh_index.php New Formulas from Vadik Herbs for the Brain, Cholesterol Management, and Liver Rejuvenation - This page lists new products from Vadik Herbs, a company committed to quality and integrity as well as ethical wildcrafting and organic farming. The herbs are tested for residues of toxic metals as well as bacterial contamination such as E-coli and salmonella, all for the protection of the persons who rely on the herbal formulas for their well being.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/hair.php Ayurvedic Hair Products - Herbs - Bhringaraj Oil - Auromere Shampoo - Bhringraj, Eclipta alba, is the main herb in Ayurvedic hair products but it has many other uses as well. Since there are many causes of hair loss, everything from hormonal imbalances to toxic side effects of medical treatments and shock, finding the right product for each person is important.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/massage_oils.php Ayurvedic Massage Oils - Dashmool, Vata, Pitta, Kapha - Ayurveda sees the skin as an auxillary eliminatory organ, used to rid the body of toxins or excess fire. Oils penetrate beneath the surface and carry the detoxifying herbs to the places needed thereby reducing inflammation, itchiness, and discomfort.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/specialty_products/sinuses.php Ayurvedic Sinus Support - Neti Pot, Nasya Oil, Sinus Herbs - Nasya treatment is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy in which medicated oils are placed into the nostrils. These affect the entire head. The treatment is considered to be beneficial for memory and concentration.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/skin.php Ayurvedic Herbs, Ointments, and Oils for Skin Care - The skin is the largest organ of elimination so metabolic residuals and other wastes that are not removed via the preferred channels of elimination will be forced to the skin, giving rise to blotchiness,discoloration, and sometimes itchy and irritating conditions. All proper Ayurvedic skin treatmentsm whether for medical or cosmetic purposes, begin with internal measures to relieve the pressure on the skin as an auxiliary eliminatory organ.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/oral_hygiene.php Oral Hygiene - Ayurvedic Mouthwash, Toothpaste, and Tongue Cleaner - 100% Natural, Vegetarian, No Fluoride - Auromere toothpastes are made without any ingredients from animals, without fluoride, without artificial preservatives, and without saccharin or refined sweeteners. They contain herbal extracts and essential oils and are available mint-free or with peppermint and spearmint oils.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/specialty_products/specialty_index.php Index to Specialty Products in the Ayurvedic Bazaar - The Ayurvedic Bazaar offers a tremendously broad selection of Ayurvedic herbs for all conditions and situations, neti pots, tongue cleaners, massage oils, essential oils for incense and diffusing, spices, cookbooks, and textbooks from introductory levels to very advanced books on herbal pharmacology.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/anti-oxidant.php Ayurvedic Anti-Oxidants - Chyawanprash - Amla - Natural Vitamin C - Free radicals are responsible for pathogenesis in many conditions and must be neutralized by free radical scavengers or antioxidants. For example, it has been shown that cigarette smoke generates free radicals that can induce DNA damage that can be prevented by antioxidants.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/specialty_products/kaya_kalpa.php Ayurvedic Herbs for Kaya Kalpa - Chyawanprash, Rasayanas, and Formulas for the Reproductive System - Throughout the thousands of years of Indian history, mention is made of extraordinary individuals who periodically rejuvenated themselves using a combination of yogi techniques and special herbs, usually herbs that increase the elusive ojas. These have the ability to penetrate deeply into the tissue and regenerate the body.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/specialty_products/rasayana_extracts.php Herbal Extracts of Rasayana Herbs - AyurvedicBazaar.com - Rasayana herbs are used mainly to promote organ rejuvenation. They are antistress, tissue protective, antioxidant, and often hormone balancing. Many promote sexual stamina and fertility.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/specialty_products/tongue_teeth.php Ayurvedic Oral Therapies for the Tongue and Tonsils - Bhringaraj powder can be mixed with ghee to make a paste to brush on the tonsils and tongue for the purpose of drawing out toxins and phlegm. This process is sometimes done in preparation for kaya kalpa longevity therapy. It can also be combined with pancha karma treatments.
  • http://www.ayurvedicbazaar.com/boswellia_serrata.php Boswellia Serrata: Capsules, Bulk Powder, Essential Oil - Boswellia serrata is a type of frankincense, very aromatic and bitter. It balances kapha and vata conditions and is often used when there is joint pain, but recent research shows it is extremely effective in reducing edema in the brain.

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  • Nick M - Greatest Product Ever!

    I started using this product because I felt like I needed way to much sleep and had no energy by 2:00 pm. I have to say that this product has changed my life in a great way. I have a lot more energy & feel happier. My life is more productive and overall better. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

  • @LakerL24vr - Raw. True. Sexy. Ugly. Necessary read.

    I have so much to say. That being said, I need to take a step back from the overwhelming, very real feels Penelope Douglas brought to the edge of my now gaping heart in PUNK 57. My review and feelings probably won't be similiar to others who love it just as much as I do. I will come back and write my full review, I just need to let other readers know, DO NOT MISS THIS. Don't get frustrated with Ryen, don't allow the raw, ugly (and most definitely familiar with everyone) emotions, keep you from finishing this journey. It has absolutely tore open a part of something ugly, unfortunately familiar...yet, necessary to me. I started reading this the minute it was released and hit my kindle. I had to stop a couple times, wanting to hate Ryen, but couldn't. She's real to all of us, on some scale, miniscule or very large. Thank-you Penelope. Thank-you so much, I know this storyline had to be hard, as a diehard fan of yours, I just love you that much more. I sit here wondering how many "Dear, Delilah" letters we could all write, while wishing they never had a purpose, ever.

  • Michelle S. - Confusing and a red flag

    I have chronic dry eye problems and must wear sunglasses whenever I am outside. So I am very familiar with different brands and I own 3 pairs of RayBan RB3025 which are my go-to sunglasses if I know I am going to be wearing them any length of time, like 3-4 hours straight. Other brands just become too uncomfortable after an hour or so.

  • `kitkatmama - Great product-happy customer!!

    I love the ViShake Mix. It has definitely helped me loose weight!! And it really hasn't been that hard either. I like the versatility of mixing different things to flavor my shakes. The sky is the limit on how many different flavors there can be created. So put your thinking cap on and try it today. You won't regret it!!!!

  • Cohoman - This product did exactly what I needed!

    I discovered a 2-foot long black mark on my front fender (caused by a stray shopping cart, no doubt) and I tried to remove it using soap and water and a sponge which didn't work. I then used a Scott's green scrubbie which did get the black mark out, but left some light scratches on the finish. These scratches weren't very deep, and only penetrated into the upper layer of the clear coat of the paint. However, they were really noticeable from a short distance as you walked up to my car (ugh!). So, after some research I decided to try the Quixx Paint Scratch Remover since I only need to repair the clear topcoat on my car.

  • Christi - I love this machine

    I love this machine, the only problem is when the balls get wet from slobber, they do not travel as far and it seems to make the battery run out of power faster.