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  • Litha Nelle - Entertainment, But Little Else

    This was a most interesting read. A magic system based mainly on tattoos? Color me intrigued. As it turns out, this has basis in our history, as yantra tattooing. Yantra tattoos are supposed to be a sort of good luck charm, or bestow magical powers, much like in this book. The practice is two millennia old.

  • Amazon Customer - Myobuild is amazing!!!

    Not a fan of fruit punch but this products taste might change my thoughts.! Phenomenal taste while giving me the recovery I need! Noticed almost instantaneous recovery when taken intraworkout! 5 out 5 for this product!!

  • Jen1170 - AWESOME Program!!!!

    I'm completely obsessed with this piece of software! I bought it to try to visualize our future house by inputting the floor plans and it's really great! I have no experience using the super sophisticated CAD programs that architects use, but I got the hang of this pretty quickly. I had the quick start guide open just in case I couldn't figure something out, and for the most part it made it pretty easy. I had a hard time with some of the more in depth features like Terrain and Elevation, but other than that it's fairly easy to just pick up and play with for simple designs!

  • Leonard M. Foley Jr. - earthing

    i just finished reading "Earthing" and i am not surprised with the results of all the research that is in the book. i have been grounded for six months and i see a change in how much better i feel and how much less overall pain i am in. my sleeping is more sound and deep. being grounded is a new health discovery that will change many lives for the better. from vermont!

  • Larry D. Nail - You Don't Need Water Cooling

    You don't need water cooling to get what your cpu needs for heat dissapation. I have been building computers since the days of the 286 processor, dos, and Windows 3.1. One thing has not changed. Stock fans stink. They still do. I have mostly built with AMD but this time I bought two new 3rd generation Intel cpu's, the i-5 3570 and i-7 3770. They come with fans. After setting up both with great cases, front and back 120 mm fans, and all kinds of ventilation the core temp on the builds was in the high 50's C with the stock fans. Enter the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. I watched a Youtube on installation till I had it down pat on the procedure. When the EVO arrived I opened the case only to see a sweet plus in that the Cooler Master HAF case has a cut out that lets you get to the back of the motherboard to install the backing plate. Terrific! The whole install took a whopping 15 minutes. I thought I'd have to pull the motherboard and blah blah blah. You mount the backing plate with the standoffs and nuts. Pull the plastic off the copper heat sink, apply the grease, which comes with the EVO. Adjust the front clip to the proper location to line up with the standoffs. Plug in the fan. Rock n Roll! Core temperatures dropped to 35 C. Air is good. Leaky tubes can ruin expensive equipment. And did I say this cooler was under $30 online? You want to give the EVO a try. The EVO comes ready to add a second 120mm fan on the opposite side of the fins via an included plastic clip. That would give you a "Push-Pull" air flow. I didn't need it. One last note. Make sure your case can clear the 6" tower of fins, the fan is very quiet. The EVO model is taller from the motherboard making it fit even over tall RAM. The Cooler Master 212 (not EVO) is an inch shorter for thinner cases. If your case is 7 inches or more wide, it will fit. The Cooler Master HAF is the best case at any price I ever used for a build. Give Cooler Master a try, you won't be disappointed!

  • M. Brown - When drawing walls they often get drawn in random increments like 1/16th inch plus whatever the actual length you want

    Ok Product. There are several bugs that need to get worked out in the next edition, but it works ok for a cheap way to draw what you want for your architect to design. The materials defaults don't work and the technical support said they'll try to fix it in the next addition. The dimensions are not that geat. When drawing walls they often get drawn in random increments like 1/16th inch plus whatever the actual length you want. This is not easily changed. when manually entering the lengths the program will pick which way to run the wall, generally not the way you want it to go. But overall it is useable for a rough sketch of what you want. Just don't forget to save your plan every few minutes, because it will crash quite frequently and won't save a plan that's too much memory. If I could return this I would.

  • Amanda hash - This worked great on my lg tv

    This is exactly what I needed to free up space in my bedroom!! I have a small room and I had my 54 inch tv on my dresser and I had no space for my things. So this has made my life better. It came with everything I needed to intall this on my wall. I have a lg tv and it screwed into it like it was made for it! It was so easy to put up I actually would love to use with all my tvs! Im sure you could use this with just about any tv it has great step my step directions and it holds a lot of weight so its super durable! I'm happy to have it.