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ASLM African Society for Laboratory Medicine, ASLM - ASLM: African Society for Laboratory Medicine -- a pan-African organisation strengthening medical laboratory networks and systems in Africa.

  • http://www.aslm.org/stay-informed/press-room/lab-culture-newsletter/ ASLM Lab Culture Newsletter: ASLM - Lab Culture is the premier quarterly newsletter of ASLM, covering laboratory best practices and global health security.
  • http://www.aslm.org/who-we-are/team/ ASLM Team Members - Click to read more about the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) team members.
  • http://www.aslm.org/what-we-do/global-health-security/ ASLM Global Health Security in Africa - ASLM recognises that emerging global health security threats now require even more responsive, harmonised, and integrated alignment of laboratory networks.
  • http://www.aslm.org/what-we-do/slipta/ ASLM SLIPTA Programme - Through standardised processes, the SLIPTA programme measures and evaluates the progress of laboratory systems towards international accreditation.
  • http://www.aslm.org/what-we-do/aphln/ ASLM African Public Health Laboratory Network (APHLN) - The ASLM-led APHLN is a network of national public health labs promoting regional collaboration and coordination to address African healthcare priorities.
  • http://www.aslm.org/resource-centre/ebola-resources-for-the-laboratory/ ASLM Ebola Resources for the Laboratory - ASLM has compiled laboratory-specific Ebola resources for laboratorians, clinicians, policy makers and more.
  • http://www.aslm.org/resource-centre/hiv-viral-load-testing/ ASLM HIV Viral Load Testing - ASLM - Accurate monitoring of HIV in a patient is essential for assessing the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy (ART) and preventing unnecessary switches to costly second-line drug therapy. Unfortunately, viral load testing is not widely available due to limited laboratory capacity and cost considerations, and many countries are exploring ways to expand access to this test.

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