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    Please guys - Do your research on this candidate without the help of the main stream media. Through an objective lens, any rational thinker will witness that Hillary is an indisputably corrupt politician. I always voted Democrat...but cannot stand behind Hillary after watching her for decades exploit the black community for political gain. We're NOT with her.

  • grenouillefrançaise - Works so well!

    I love this grounding mat. I know it's a hot topic haha some people love it some people get red in the face angry that some people think it works... Please just leave the happy customers alone. :) It gives me the wonderful feeling of being outside barefoot and with colder months coming ahead I will rely on it more and more. Feels great under my back too. Helps relieve tension and pain. It has a real calming effect. I'm sensitive to energy and I can tell the difference when it's off or on immediately so I know it works! I also love to put it under my laptop and I don't feel so drained and exhausted from staring at the screen. I would recommend and if you are a skeptic try not to get too angry that some people like it. haha best to you all!

  • E. Beam - Finally bought it

    First the rant: My not-very-old laptop developed several problems simultaneously, and I decided to just buy a new one, assuming I could move my Office Pro 2010 to the new machine. Unfortunately, Microsoft said "no"! Turns out it was licensed for only one computer and they did not care if your computer crashed the next day after you bought it. Your bad luck. I see that they have backed down on that - the description for the new software says you may move it from one computer to another.

  • Michael A. Myles - a forever classic driving .steepin. or just chillin

    Ah man this is that cool layed back song . cruising at nite summer time thing car roof open breeze blowin

  • Roy J. Kline - Success!

    Needed two attempts to stop multiple leaks in my spa, but Fix-A-Leak eventually worked. On the second try, I didn't drain the water, and the tub has held for a month now. Cheap fix for expensive repairs. Would purchase product again

  • John Macleod - Powerful, Gripping and True

    I've always been wary to travel the road of "other religions/cults" as I had some hairy experiences in my BC days with astral traveling and so forth. Thomas Horn on the other hand, as a Christian writer has no problem as he is fully grounded in Christ and therefore can explore these other avenues with impunity in order to give us readers a clear picture of how "all things work together." An incredible amount of research has gone into this book and when all is put together makes for exciting reading - especially in the light of the soon coming of Christ! In all my 35 years of studying eschatology, Jubilee 2016 adds up to be the year of the Thief in the night...www.areyouready.co.za