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Allegra Media Web Design & Development - Allegra Media is a New York City-based agency that develops dynamic, owner-managed web sites leveraging the latest social media technology. Allegra Media also develops and manages web advertising and social media campaigns.

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  • John - K Cup Holder Replacement

    As advertised. Was a little unsure if it was what I needed to replace my original with a broken needle, but this fit right where the old one used to and restored function. Happy buyer.

  • RustyCardores - The Hutzler Banana Slicer has made my working life hell!

    I live and work in Queensland Australia and as many of you will know, this is where bananas get bent. My career as a banana bender began when I first left school and thanks to my excellent banana bending technique, I have risen through the ranks to achieve the highest possible level of Chief Banana Bender Extraordinair.

  • Sue Peters - Good video and sound so far

    Good video and sound so far. No issues with zoom. Had to get technical help once and they helped me in time to join my class.

  • Dr. Bob - One Amazed Skeptic!

    I'm an ER doctor. Not the usual herbal remedy kind of guy. My wife had a nail fungus and didn't tell me about it. I saw it and told her to go to the Dermatologist. She refused b/c she thought they would remove her nail - and her daughter was getting married in a month. So I looked on Amazon and took a chance on this. Wow, I'm shocked. It actually worked. It takes awhile, but it does. She just uses a Q-Tip and applies it directly each night. Smells to high heaven, but does the trick. Highly recommended.