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Advil Canada | Advil and go. - Headache, muscle pain, congestion, sleeplessness due to pain…Advil can help. Your child’s pain or fever, too. Learn which Advil is right for them, and for you.

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  • Lynn E. - Have a Seat?

    Comfy, but more narrow than expected. Like that it has adjustable settings.Better for children than for adults, but adults of a certain size would be comfy enough.

  • tmoody - First really rough mobo issue with an ASUS board.

    I'm borderline on 2-3 stars. The first came DOA out of box. Wouldn't POST, just Start, Reset, ROG and yellow BIOS LED at bottom. But, after contacting ASUS, the last 4 digits on the top sticker on the board are important. When I read out "0603" the ASUS Rep sighed. No ability to BIOS Flashback on this one. It is an earlier manufactured board. Said to switch it for "0901". Contacted Amazon to explain and they sent one with a newer BIOS. Received new board, with 0706". Booted only to BIOS. Had to flash to 0901. That was board #2, and it still had a freeze at BIOS. RMA'd the RAM. Still froze at BIOS with a new 32GB kit. Re-flashed and now works. I'm still quite apprehensive. At the moment, it's surprisingly running well.

  • Justin G - This book is really great from front to back and it's presented in a ...

    This book is really great from front to back and it's presented in a straightforward manner for anyone whom knows nothing about fasting to approach. Going over what it is, what the myths and benefits of it are, before diving into how to do it and tips for success. Obviously if you're curious about fasting you probably know about the fat loss benefits, but you may not know of the other health benefits. I've spent a good portion of the last year deep diving into the science of fasting, and reading nutrition literature about it this book hits on all the nuanced fasting benefits making them mostly easy to understand for a layperson. It covers the neurological benefits, ketosis, insulin role in our metabolism, autophagy, and an explanation of mTOR inhibition, the later two of which have huge anti-cancer and anti-aging potentials.

  • Premkumar - Good Reliever for your Muscle Pain

    I have to say I was skeptical about this Cellulite Cream.Aside from hard workouts I applied it on the entirety of my thighs and bottom cheeks, not too thin and it spread pretty well. After time was up I was pretty impressed! My skin was not only very soft but looked significantly better after this one use! I also noticed there was no greasy, or oily residue or anything left over at all on my skin so I can just put my pants back on afterwards. I will be very excited to see what would come of it after using this product for an extended period of time. I will also use this product on other parts of my body (even if it's not really needed) just because this feels really great on your skin/muscles! I would absolutely recommend this product if you have areas with cellulite, dry skin, or achy muscles that need some soothing.

  • Shirley A.Yirmeyahu - i paid $100 and went home happy. When I decided to test it myself

    I just bought mine at the mall. The guy did my hair in less than 5 minted. My hair looked shiny, smooth, there was no pulling involved. Well, i paid $100 and went home happy. When I decided to test it myself, the item that I bought will heat up fast but the quality of curls is very bad. Cannot be compared with what the demo guy did. The hair turned out mostly straight with a bit of wave at the tip. I have been curling my hair with a flat iron for years and I never got worse curls than with PYT. I will return it ASAP because it does not deliver. Maybe the one they use at the mall for demos is stronger or different, but what i was sold, it is less than average flat iron.