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The A.D.D. Clinic is an outpatient psychiatric office specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of, A.D.D. Clinic, Inc Las Vegas, NV Home - The A.D.D. Clinic is an outpatient psychiatric office specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of: ADHD, Aspergers, OCD, BiPolar, Tourettes Syndrome, Anxiety

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  • John - i'm happy with this for sure

    I had a hard time picking out a tv box like this. There are so many fake reviews on other products. As far as I could tell, this one had real reviews and got 4 stars. It took some getting used to. I use this for Slingbox with Slingplayer, Netflix and chilling, pandora, and youtube. It works great and handles everything I've done very well. The picture is great but I'm not using anything that requires 4k or blueray quality. I have a 50 inch HD tv that is 1 year old. The bluetooth works fine. It disconnects from the device so you have to reconnect every time you turn it on. I have 2 complaints and it's not worth deducting a star. First is that I don't like the remote. I only use it to turn it on. Second, i had a hard time turning this on for weeks until i learned that i need to turn on my TV 1.5 seconds before turning on the box. I guess I also wish I could leave this on when the tv turns off.

  • Jamyos - Will be buying again

    This is my all in one go to muscle building supplement. It replaces several products and is easy to mix and drink.

  • H S Patton - Too much shove it in your face advertizing.

    The only issue is that the "special offer" ads are an annoyance beyond anything previous.Too much and too many makes me hate to have to use it at times because it is so hard to get past all the shoving down the throat horse hockey.

  • Rob Ling - Great Quality - PS+ is a Must Have

    The PS4 is great. I am not going to go on about the console itself, there are plenty of other people who have done that. It is a good value, and as the games start coming out hot and heavy, look for it to truely shine as a console. PS+ Membership is a MUST. The games Sony gives on a monthly basis make it a no-brainer.

  • CCBETH - Huge waste of money

    This is a huge waste of money. The programmer obviously has never played Hand & Foot nor knows anyone who has. He also obviously didn't Beta test it with anyone who plays or by the rules listed on the game. It has huge errors that go against all rules of the game and is very inconsistent in the way it lets players play. It also has the partner discarding cards that should never be discarded if one were really playing the game. Unfortunately, this is the only Hand & Foot computer game I could find, but I would never recommend it to anyone.