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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems | Flywheel UPS Manufacturer - Active Power builds innovative Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Kinetic flywheel technology is more energy efficient & reliable than batteries!

  • http://www.activepower.com/about-us/ About US | Active Power - Active Power designs and manufactures flywheel uninterruptible power supply systems, modular infrastructure solutions, and energy solutions.
  • http://www.activepower.com/careers/ Careers | Active Power - Do you want to work alongside others in a team environment delivering efficient business solutions? Check out some opportunities at Active Power.
  • http://www.activepower.com/markets/ Industrial UPS Systems by Active Power - Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are used in a range of industries from healthcare, data centers, manufacturing, and more!
  • http://www.activepower.com/data-center-solutions/ Data Center UPS Systems & Power Management | Active Power - Active Power manufactures uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for data centers around the world. Our flywheel technology is reliable and eco-friendly!
  • http://www.activepower.com/health-care-solutions/ Hospital UPS Systems | Backup Power for Health Care Industry - Active Power's emergency power systems provide hospitals & healthcare industry peace of mind. Flywheel UPS are more reliable & less costly than batteries!
  • http://www.activepower.com/industrial-manufacturing-solutions/ Industrial UPS Systems | Backup Power for Manufacturers - Active Power builds uninterruptable power supply systems for manufacturing facilities. Our flywheel UPS prevents power outages & keeps your business running.
  • http://www.activepower.com/products/ Products | UPS | Modular Power | Service | Active Power - Active Power's product lineup includes: CleanSource UPS flywheel systems, modular solutions, UPS service & support.
  • http://www.activepower.com/cleansource-275xt/ Flywheel UPS 300kVA & 250kVA | CleanSource 300 - CleanSource 300 UPS System by Active Power uses flywheel technology to provide reliable backup power without costly batteries! Available for 480V & 400V.
  • http://www.activepower.com/cleansource-750hd/ Flywheel UPS 650kVA & 750kVA | CleanSource 750 - CleanSource 750 by Active Power is a reliable flywheel UPS system available for 400V & 480V. More cost effective and energy efficient than batteries!
  • http://www.activepower.com/cleansource-dc/ Flywheel UPS Energy Storage System | Active Power - CleanSource DC is a flywheel power storage system for mission critical UPS. Lower costs yet more energy efficient and reliable than batteries!
  • http://www.activepower.com/modular-power/ Modular Data Centers & Power System Containers | PowerHouse - PowerHouse is a modular power system and data center container built for rapid deployment. Our factory built data centers are delivered ready to perform.
  • http://www.activepower.com/modular-it/ Modular IT Systems & IT Containers | Active Power - IT modules are a quick and all-in-one way to expand your data centers. Factory built and tested, our IT containers bring IT space anywhere you need it.
  • http://www.activepower.com/service-support/ UPS Maintenance and Installation | Active Power - Active Power installs, configures, and maintains flywheel UPS systems. Our technians are available 24/7 to ensure your UPS system is running smoothly.
  • http://www.activepower.com/flywheel-technology/ Flywheel Technology Explained | Active Power - Flywheels use stored kinetic energy to provide power for UPS systems and more. Learn the basics about how flywheel UPS works from Active Power!
  • http://www.activepower.com/why-flywheel/ Why Choose a Flywheel UPS System? | Active Power - Flywheel energy storage has many benefits over traditional batteries. Lower cost of ownership, more reliable, more eco-friendly, & smaller size and more!
  • http://www.activepower.com/ask-an-expert/ Let One of Our Experts Answer Your Questions | Active Power - Let us introduce just a few of our top industry experts who are eager to help you solve your most challenging electrical infrastructure problems.

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