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Action on Addiction - Action on Addiction - We take action to disarm addiction. We do this through research, prevention, treatment, family support, professional education and training. Our Vision is people free from addiction. Addiction is the biggest preventable killer in the UK.

  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/HRH.aspx Action on Addiction's Patron, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge - Action on Addiction - We take action to disarm addiction. We do this through research, prevention, treatment, family support, professional education and training. Our Vision is people free from addiction.
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Treatment/Clouds-House.aspx Clouds House Treatment Centre - Action on Addiction - Clouds House provides residential treatment programmes structured to help you learn about addiction, prevent relapse and sustain recovery, working with 12 step abstinence-based philosophy
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/For-Families/M-Pact-Programme.aspx Family Support - M-PACT Programme - Action on Addiction - M-PACT supports children and young people who are experiencing the effects of parental substance misuse within the family
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/For-Families/Brief-Residential-Programme.aspx Family Support - brief residential programme - Action on Addiction - Residential programme available for any relative, partner or friend who has, or has had, a drink or drugs problem. It offers guidance and information about addiction and its affects on others
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Education-Training.aspx Training and Education - Action on Addiction - We provide high quality training in addictions counselling and on working effectively with family members of addicts
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Treatment/Hope-House.aspx Hope House Treatment Centre - Action on Addiction - Hope House is based in London and is just for women over 18 who have undergone detoxification and first stage treatment. The treatment programme lasts 12-24 weeks
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/How-You-Can-Help.aspx How you can help - Action on Addiction - Support Action on Addiction by taking part in a sporting event, organise your own event or make a donation
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/About-Addiction.aspx About Addiction - Action on Addiction - Understand addiction and its signs, and options for treatment. We believe addiction is a treatable condition.
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Treatment.aspx Treatment - Action on Addiction - Addiction is a treatable condition. Our treatment services help people suffering from a variety of addiction problems, including drug and alcohol misuse
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/News-Blog/News/The-Brink-welcomes-Government-Minister-to-showcase.aspx News and Publications - Action on Addiction - Our press team deals with media enquiries and emerging stories. Read our latest news and articles about addiction from the media
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/News-Blog/Blogs/AOA-Blogs/June-2015/Illegal-online-trade-in-Valium.aspx Action on Addiction's Blog - Action on Addiction - This is the Charity’s new blog providing insights into the addictions field. We hope you will find it interesting and thought provoking
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Family-Support.aspx Family Support - Action on Addiction - Help and support for a family member, partner, friend or colleague of a person who is dependent on alcohol or drugs
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Education-Training/Full-Time-Foundation-Degree.aspx Training and Education - Action on Addiction - Foundation Degree Programme provides training for addictions counsellors leading to FDAP Accreditation Practitioner status
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Research.aspx Research - Action on Addiction - Independent and objective evidence to guide policy makers and treatment commissioners to develop policies and treatment to help reduce the stigma surrounding the causes of addiction
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Training---Education/Our-Training-Centre.aspx Training and Education - Action on Addiction - Our Training Centre in Warminster is equipped to provide our addictions counselling courses with an excellent, comfortable learning environment
  • http://www.actiononaddiction.org.uk/Treatment/Sharp-Liverpool/The-Brink.aspx The Brink recovery bar - Action on Addiction - An innovative social enterprise: an alcohol free venue for live music and events, good food and open 7 nights a week

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  • Colorado Gal - Too much sugar.

    Way too much sugar. I think you'd be better served getting your own juicer and making it at home. It's almost 100 grams in a day. That's a lot.

  • Josh W. - Awesome.

    My son is always getting too hot in strollers. This breathable one is amazing. Only down fall is that it doesn't recline. If it did then it would be perfect.

  • Roxy - GAPS Syndrome

    This is an important book for so many people. As I'm reading it, I'm thinking of all the people I know who could benefit from this program. Anyone suffering from an auto-immune disorder will benefit as well. The book is not an easy read because it presents the theory behind the diet. It is important for people to understand this before starting the GAPS diet, or they will not stick with the program as long as they need to. There is another book that lays out the diet. Hopefully this book is an easier read.

  • Alishea - The preschoolers iwatch!

    My kiddo loves this! She feels like such a big kid. She's 4 and plays with it without any help from me. In fact, I don't know that I've ever messed with it other to giggle at all the random photos she takes with the camera. She feels likes she is something special with this watch. It's a little big for her wrist but I think she prefers it this way. I think she likes the independence of being able to slide it on and off. It's bulky so when she's playing with it, it's usually off of her wrist. She puts it back on her wrist when she's not playing with it.