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  • Karen - Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012

    The prior version was a better product. Microsoft deployed the product with some bugs which still have not been fixed. I would not recommend this product until MS fixes most of the bugs. It's difficult enough developing a software app. without MS throwing in additional difficulties. For example: they took away the I agree or disagree feature when selling a software app.

  • Steve - The Best Screen Protector Ever

    Easily the best screen protector that I have ever purchased. It feels great and goes on easy. The included materials (alcohol swab, microfiber cloth, final dust sticker) quickly and easily removed any dust and fingerprints on your screen, and the glass protector itself is easy to position and lock into place. They include a plastic card for squeezing out any bubbles and advise 48 hours to let any small bubbles or minor imperfections ease out, but my screen was great right after application and a little bit of squeezing.

  • H. P. Keable - Mostly disappointing

    It's not just Stephen's voice that's problematic here. Both David and Graham exhibit weaknesses individually, but more to the point it's their blend that just doesn't make it for a good portion of the show. This is even sadder given that they had three more singers behind them providing additional vocal power. I personally thought that they were best on the quieter stuff, and not very good at all vocally on the uptempo pieces. I think I would also have assign big-time blame to whomever mixed their voices for this release. Not a very good job. I think some of the vocal shortcomings could have been modified or even almost eliminated with a better mix.

  • Shayla - Kinda somewhat worked

    First of all, I think this stuff smells and feels amazing. It gives like a cool tingle feeling and doesn't smell medicated. My skin did tighten a bit, mostly on my bum. Didn't help my arms or tummy as much. 6oz only lasted me a month using it twice a day. I say this kinda worked, but not totally. I mostly liked the feeling it gives, especially fresh out of the shower

  • Amazon Customer - A new way to cook

    I purchased mine at BB&B - had a 20% off coupon and it was instant gratification. I bought it for our motor home - anyone who owns one knows the trials with the gas stove. The first time I used the NuWave I was amazed at how fast it will heat up a compatible pan (metal). My first trial were two omelets - start to finish 5 minutes - perfect. I used the recipe in the NuWave book and used a pat of butter when adding the ingredients to the pan. Clean up was a swipe with a paper towel. Over the last month I have done all the cooking on the NuWave. The Corian cover for the stove stays in place and I have 24 more inches of countertop (in a motor home countertop is valuable space).

  • Mimir - Arrived DOA and MFGR did not help

    Arrived dead on arrival. Motor worked, but did not eject balls (the ones that came with set). Called the manufacturer directly, less then helpful when they asked me to take pictures/video of the light being on and email since they did not believe I knew how to plug it in properly. Even then, no response for several weeks and when they finally did respond it was "so how is it working".