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  • Don P. - This stuff is Great!

    My tub/shower was the old yellow/gold color they used back in the 70's. I had just replaced my sink and toilet, in the "Bone" color. It was time to do the tub but didn't want to have to rebuild my untire bathroom. Did some research on refinishing and found the Rust-Oleum. I purchased it in the Almond color.I used 2 kits for the tub/shower style I have. Mixed them seperatly, then combined them in one small pail just before starting. The whole process was really quite easy. A little bit time consuming preping the tub, but far better that the time and money one would have into replacing the tub. Also, the 3 day drying time wasn't all that bad. Some kits required 5 days.

  • William A. Wake - An insightful book which documents how the 1% & GOP stole our country.

    I was born in 1937. I have seen this country prosper beginning in the 50's through the 80's. Since then I have witnessed a subtle, but definite destruction of our middle class, and loss of opportunity for those in the lower income brackets -- to the point now of much concern. This book is a great read because it documents and provides insight for all the I have observed, but could never formulate nor articulate. And it offers a ray of hope for the future of our great country.

  • John Casteele - A wonderful resource, as always, with a hiccup in shipping

    Allow me to begin by stating that Amazon messed up my order; I preordered the deluxe edition but received the standard edition. As this is the place to review the product itself and not Amazon's handling of it, however, my score reflects what the book deserves. (The primary difference between the two editions is a year's subscription to the online service, so this review will focus on what's inside the book itself and not whether it contained this subscription.)

  • Cap'n - ok, nothing real special

    It does help my wrist somewhat, but it is harder than I was expecting. I don't see how there could be memory foam in it unless it is a paper thin piece of it with a really dense base foam. Ergonomics nice, materials could use some improvement...