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ABetterMedway - A Better Medway is the face of health improvement services in Medway provided by Medway Council. We provide specialist support, advice, programmes and resources to help people living or working in Medway improve their health and well-being.

  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/getactive.aspx Get Active, Advice, Tips | A Better Medway - Get Active advice and tips from A Better Medway. Find activities to get your hearts beating faster and burn off calories. Find out more.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/healthyeating.aspx Healthy Eating Advice And Tips | A Better Medway - You are not alone in feeling like this - a recent survey showed that nearly a third of Medway residents did not know whether they eat healthily.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/healthymind.aspx Healthy mind - It's useful to start with the idea that overall wellbeing involves both the mind and the body. There is a deeper kind of wellbeing, which is about living in a way that is good for you and good for others around you.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/smokefree.aspx Smoke Free,Stop Smoking Advice in Medway - Medway Stop Smoking Service The Medway Stop Smoking Service is a completely free service, we offer 1-2-1s with highly trained, approachable advisers
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/sexualhealth.aspx Sexual Health and Advice | A Better Medway - People generally like to feel healthy; they eat well to lose a bit of weight, they give up smoking to cough and splutter less, they take up hobbies to keep their mind active, they drink alcohol in moderation so they can grow older and enjoy life but how do we look after our sexual health
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/alcohol.aspx Alcohol Advice and Information | A Better Medway - Alcohol advice and information for the people of Medway is available from ABetterMedway.co.uk. Visit today for a wealth of useful alcohol advice.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/aboutus.aspx About Medway Council's Health Improvement Team - We are Medway Council's health improvement team and are working throughout Medway to help local people make healthy choices. Under the banner of A Better Medway, we work with individuals,businesses and the community as a whole to help us understand what health improvement services are needed and how best to deliver them - be it in a community venue, a workplace setting or through one-to-one activities and visits.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/systempages/pages/homecarouselimages/mouthcanceractionmonth.aspx Mouth Cancer Action Month - Mouth Cancer Action Month is the annual awareness campaign from the Oral Health Foundation and this November A Better Medway will be encouraging Medway residents to be Mouth - aware.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/systempages/pages/homecarouselimages/besideyou.aspx Home - Beside You - There are so many great things about breastfeeding. It helps with bonding, provides the nutrition your baby needs, is free and burns 500 calories a day
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/systempages/pages/homecarouselimages/makeasmokefreehomepledge.aspx Medway Smolefree Homes - We are asking all parents to further protect their children from second hand smoke by making a Smoke-free Homes Pledge
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/systempages/pages/homecarouselimages/beclearoncancer.aspx Be Clear on Cancer - The latest Be Clear on Cancer campaign highlights that a cough for three weeks or more could be a sign of lung disease, including cancer and that if you get out of breath doing everyday things that you used to be able to do, like mowing the lawn, it could be a sign of lung or heart disease, or even cancer
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/systempages/pages/homecarouselimages/type2diabetes.aspx Diabetes Prevention Programme - The Medway Diabetes Prevention Programme has been specifically designed for people at risk of Type 2 Diabetes and a BMI of over 25. Type 2 Diabetes develops when your body can't produce enough insulin, or when the insulin that is produced doesn't work properly
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/systempages/pages/homecarouselimages/triforyou.aspx Tri For You - Come and join us in September 2016 for our new family lifestyle programme to find out more.
  • http://www.abettermedway.co.uk/aboutus/abettermedwaychampions.aspx A Better Medway Champions | Helping Health & Wellbeing in Medway - A Better Medway Champions -people in Medway who contribute to improving health and wellbeing in Medway. Learn more.

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