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Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. - We specialize in children from newborn to 21. We offer free new patient consultations for expectant moms and welcome new patients and same day appointments. We encourage well Visits and Offer behavioral consults

  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/aboutus.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : About Us - We Are 4 Board Certified Pediatricians Who Are Also Raising Our Own Children With Thriving Practice In St Petersburg FL. 4 Mom Pediatric Practice In St Petersburg, Accepts Visitors/tourists, Associated With All Childrens Hospital, 24 Hr On Call Coverage
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/staff.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Our Staff - 4 Mom Pediatric Practice Introduces Its Caring, Experienced, And Incredible Pediatric Staff.
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/forms.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Practice Forms - Pediatric Practice In St Petersburg Offers Convenience of New Patient Forms On Line.
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/insurance.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Insurance Info - St Petersbrug Pediatric Practice Which Accepts All Major Health Insurance Plans.
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/services.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Services Provided - We Offer a Wide Variety of Pediatric Services Including Complete Physicals and Preventative Well Visits, Hearing and Vision Screening, Complete Blood Counts, Lab Tests, Breathing Treatments, Behavioral Evaluations and Consults, Comprehensive Sick Visits
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/wellchild.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Well Child Schedule - St Petersburg Pediatric Practice Follows the Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Well Visit Schedule for Examination and Vaccinations.
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/newborncare.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Newborn Care - Board Certified Pediatrian(s) Offering Complete Newborn Care and Prenatal Consultations to Expectant Parents.
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/grandparents.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Grandparents Corner - St Petersburg Pediatricians Alert Parents to Recent Safety/health/nutrition Recommendations of American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • http://www.4moms4kids.com/books.html Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. : Recommended Books - 4 Mom Pediatric Practice In St Petersburg Recommends Useful Books On Parenting and Childrearing
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  • Aaron - I bought this to repair the window on my 25008am ...

    I bought this to repair the window on my 25008am convertible Audi after the window separated from the top due to heat. Oddly enough, a friends top had the same issue (Mustang Cobra 2012) in the next week and they successfully fixed their window/convertible top as well. Saved me $5,000 at the dealership getting a new top. Did you know they dont fix the back windshield in convertibles? They say they have to replace the whole top!!!! Thanks Rhino Glue!

  • tworats - Stopped working and couldn't even keep time

    Full disclosure - I bought this at Costco, not Amazon. Ultimately though it didn't matter, because like so many others it ended up being returned. It brewed coffee well enough, but the clock was gaining 5min a day and couldn't even keep time. Then, the pump started acting up at around two months old, and 1 week later it stopped working altogether. Wow, what a steaming pile of turd.

  • Amazon Customer - Upsetting this is not entertainment. TWD is/was my favorite show of all time.

    I am a huge fan of twd. I've watched the seasons more times than I can count. The first episode of season 7 was very upsetting. Highlighted the very worst of TWD. I hate all the teasers and the emotional turmoil they are trying to put the viewers and the characters through. I love the show for the survivor aspect not the brutality. I knew somebody would have to die but this was just torture and not entertainment. I am debating whether on not to continue watching which I can't believe I would ever consider not watching my favorite show of all time. I'm so sad about Glen but kind of expected that it was just the over the top violence and gore. Not a fan of Negan not just because of what he did but his dramatic terror isn't convincing it is just annoying. I enjoyed the show because the characters became family and are building a new life together despite the violence around them. I'm just upset. The show was very painful to watch and I'm not sure if TWD can redeem itself.

  • Fenix - Proactive SELLS YOUR PERSONAL INFO!

    I know this review should be about the product itself, but here is another side to your purchase of Proactive.

  • Aaron - Not what you're looking for

    Been using this as directed for about a week. ZERO results. Not even the slightest fade on my bruises. Total waste of money.

  • Kindle Customer - One of the best multifunctioning programs out there.

    It is good at what it does but you must use multiple programs to keep your computer safe like malwarebytes.

  • Michael Lloyd - Excellent product

    My wireless gateway arrived today two days earlier than expected. I was pleasantly surprised that I had it installed, activated and configured for both Ethernet and wireless networking in less than 10 minutes. Upon opening a browser, it automatically went to the Comcast activation page where it was automatically activated.