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  • M. Y. 'Photographer | Outdoor Enthusiast | Tech Pro' - Save money and buy your own modem. Works with Cox & Time Warner Cable in Orange County, CA

    After I read that Time Warner Cable was going to raise their modem lease to $8/month, I looked into whether it's possible to buy and use your own. Sure enough, the SB6141 was one of the approved modems. Instead of paying $8/mo to lease their clunky, old modem, I went ahead and bought the SB6141 -- it pays for itself after less than a year. The saving I get from it is now used to subscribe to Netflix's $7.99/month plan. Check your cable bill -- I went as far back as 2008, and wow, I've been paying Time Warner for leasing their modem for the past 5 years! That's at least $300!

  • Flemeth Dragon - A new cashcow is born

    Don't get me wrong: Spore is an original, entertaining game. Graphics are not impressive but still attractive. Gameplay itself is not revolutionary but fun. The only thing that stands out of this entire adventure is the concept, which is highly original and never before seen.

  • Cynthia Kadel Zorfas - ANOTHER 5 STAR PLANNER

    THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I will be using it to plan our upcoming trip to Iberia. Having used his books before, I knew what to expect and will hopefully find it as useful when I am there, as I am now, as I plan the trip.....

  • David P. Graf - Rabbit TV can infect your PC or laptop with a virus - Use at your own risk

    I bought Rabbit TV this last week. Fortunately, I do a good deal of work on the web and so I have a heavy-duty security package to protect me from viruses and malware. Imagine my surprise when it detected a virus (Trojan backdoor) on the Rabbit TV thumb drive. Luckily, I was protected. Many will not be and will pay a price for using Rabbit TV. Use this product at your own risk. Updated (01/31/15)...Ever since dumping Rabbit TV, I have received numerous spam emails begging me to come back. Take it from me - you are far better off not having anything to do with this product.

  • Nancy - Simple, Easy, and wayyy Cheaper! Way to go Norton!

    Based on other reviews, I had alot of doubts if whether or not I would get the downloadable software version of Norton. First of all, It was alot of cheaper than in Stores! (Which would be around like $40!) and i got it for $15! I had some doubts about it, just because everyone kept saying that it didn't download, or it wasn't the right version and all. But at last I gave in, and bought it anyways. Well it turned out to be simple! Downloaded it, installed it, and boom, and worked right away!! No problems at all. So for sure next time when my software expires, im doing this again.! Just make sure when you install it, you update the pin code that way you'll get it. But ovarall it was awesome!:)

  • Kenneth A. Cudnik - finance book

    excellent book , very thorough treatment of finance. New edition came out so I ended up keeping this one for my collection because resale was minimal. Financial CD with Thompson is also a plus