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  • H. Kupfernagel - Awfully Slow

    I was very excited when I got this PC. I took the harddrive out, replaced it with an 1TB SSD and installed windows7 on it. I did not want to start with win8. I could find all the drivers I needed on the asus website. The machine is nicely quiet.

  • charles L cooney - I used it on a Ubuntu machine running Windows 98 ...

    I used it on a Ubuntu machine running Windows 98 under Vbox. No problems. Will do the same thing again next year.

  • S. Howe - Undecided about effectiveness

    I bought this a couple of months ago. Not sure if it's helping, but I'll keep using it. what I do know is it is very big. I wish I had paid more and had purchased the smaller version that's available. How big does the manufacturer think a woman's face is?

  • Dean - Chills In Minutes but Noisy

    I love this item solely for the fact that if I have a warm drink of nearly any kind I can chill it in a matter of minutes. That having been said its drawbacks have just caused me to start keeping more things in the fridge.