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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Amazon Customer - It's everything the seller said it is. The case ...

    It's everything the seller said it is. The case hold the phone in place. The only thing is don't put too much in it cause the case won't sit flush

  • Mrordinary - Worked amazing in the beginning

    Worked amazing in the beginning. Water was flowing quite quickly. Lifted it up and wow what a mess of hair. Cleaned it with a paper towel. Worked well. I guess I need to use toothpicks to clean the holes. (wanted to avoid doing that). Perhaps my soap is scumming it up too much? I am sure it will work well again once I give it a better cleaning. Great concept. It does catch a lot of hair!

  • Yoda - A poor value for the money

    The key question to ask regarding the latest version of MS office is, "are the extra features (over an above Office 2007) worth another about $400?". The answer to this is, for nearly all current users, an astounding no. This is not to say that there are not useful additions. The most important of these involve the signficant increase in the amount of data that can be handled by both Excel and Access. For those who work with very large quantities of data this is important. Excel 2007 was able to handle a maximum of 1.5 mn rows of data while Excel 2010 can handle as many as the RAM on a PC permits. However, what about those with less demanding data needs? Nearly all the additional features are only trivial improvements that are probably not even worthy of the extra time required to get up to speed on, nevermind spending a considerable sum on. Some features actually make it harder and more time consuming to use. In Word 2010, for example, you need to go to a seperate tab to be able to print a document (you can no longer do it from the main tab)!!

  • William Barbour - awesome modem

    after I tried and failed attempt to buy this modem from amazon (its ok amazon made up for it) I ended up buying it from another website. it works great. movie streaming is great.

  • bookfan - Too much residue for me

    I ordered this because it's on my 'safe' product list provided by my doctor. I find that it doesn't rinse as clean as I would like, i.e., leaves me feeling too 'oily'. My skin is nice and soft, but I feel like I can't get this liquid off of my body. It does not make me breakout, but I just don't like that it doesn't rinse clean. Also leaves my washcloth with a lot of product in it and I can't really wring it just slides around in my hands.