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  • newmom - No corn syrup and very helpful for milk protein allergies

    This formula is fantastic for babies with a milk protein allergy and the RTF version has probably the "best" ingredients of a mainstream formula (no corn syrup, only 4% sugar). My first baby had bloody diapers for 10 days after 2 oz of regular Similac formula and after that she reacted to any dairy in my diet with awful bloody diapers. I breastfed, but sometimes wanted to be away for more than 2 hrs and pumping is hard work when full time breastfeeding - I couldn't pump enough unless I wanted to pump all day and then I was creating an oversupply and getting woken up by my boobs in the middle of the night while my baby slept. So I started supplementing with Alimentum. It took a month for her to accept the nasty taste (my husband and I taste tested Nutrimigen, Elecare, and Alimentum in all forms….Alimentum RTF is the best, at least for adult taste buds, but it's still gross compared to regular formula). But when she did drink it, she had absolutely no reaction. What a life saver. Converted to it 100% at 11 months and stayed on it until 15 months after failing a milk challenge at 12 months. Alimentum RTF is not full of corn syrup and is easy on even true milk allergy babies.

  • Paul Migneault - It's a nice case that seems to be sturdy and fairly easy ...

    It's a nice case that seems to be sturdy and fairly easy to use. I can't seem to use it as a stand for my Fire tablet without propping the whole thing against a heavy object. I may try to laminate a piece of plastic or metal to the three segments of the cover to allow it to be a better back brace.

  • Randall Thompson - The perfect training shoes!

    The perfect training shoes! I wear these whenever I do circuit training and surprisingly they can withstand the immense pressure coming from my nerve wrecking leg workouts!

  • SF Bay Exchange guy - THIS is the Exchange 2010 book you want

    Great book for people who really want to understand Exchange 2010: it's got high availability and site resilience planning and design, CAS namespace and certificate planning, datacenter failover planning, hardware sizing (nice explanations of the storage calculator), migration methodologies from other versions of Exchange - in short, most of the things you were hoping to get in those "other"'s here. These guys did a great job. You won't be disappointed.