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  • Patricia Pinson - Great product

    I had bought a new Honda Civic in red. I had always heard red fades easy. I didn't realize the difference it made until the other day. I saw a red Civic same year as mine and could not believe the difference in the paint after only 2 years. My car still looked brand new. I will always have this put on any car I buy. Great product.

  • Special-K - Good insulation, but poor quality lid - it leaks like a "dribble-cup" - Revised: problem rectified.

    I'm quite disappointed in the quality of the KRYO product. First of all, it was supposed to include two lids, but the package only included one. More importantly, the included lid does not fit snugly into the cup. The O-ring does not make a good seal and it leaks when I drink. It's like a "dribble-cup". I've tried adjusting the O-ring, but it just isn't right. There's no way to keep it from leaking, so I have to use it without the lid, which defeats some of the purpose of the cup.

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    This one is one of the nicest teas I have had. I am from India so have tried a lot of teas and concoctions and this tastes good and makes me feel nice and relaxed.

  • KyMom - Handy and Portable

    I have used this many times in our RV and it works perfectly. You can control the temperature however you want and it is very portable and a convenience to use. I would recomment this product to anyone. I am happy with this purchase and I think the price was reasonable!