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  • Swanie - I started with the original formula which worked tremendously great! My hair grew so fast and so strong

    I've taken these vitamins since 2009.I eat a well balanced diet and am active. I started with the original formula which worked tremendously great! My hair grew so fast and so strong, it never broke off! My nails grew strong and long and my skin glowed. I loved it UNTIL the new argan oil formula. Naturally since I couldn't find the original formula I began taking the new one for the next couple years until 2015. I got soooooo tired of spending my hard earned money and waisting my time swallowing these pills three times a day and seeing ABSOLUTELY NO results anymore! In fact my hair began to be brittle break and shed just by touch. Hair would just be falling AND breaking as I was just watching TV or I'd sweep and massive amounts of hair off the floor. Washing my hair became a nightmare bc I would lose so much hair regardless of the organic products I use on them,which i always used. Now I didn't take this supplement for length I've always had long hair. I took it for strength because of years of salon damage, but the new formula failed me in that it didn't support my hair skin or nail strength. I am truly disappointed in nature's bounty for trying to keep up with trends and gimmicks instead of being true to loyal customers like me by keeping what works on the shelves! At least put both formulas on shelves for customers to have a choice! IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT!

  • Paul & Jessica - Was a little threadbare

    I needed a sheet for a oval bassinet, this came and sadly was made of a thin material - I could see the pattern printed on the mattress through it.

  • Tanya M. Hardee - Spray the bowl B4 you go

    Love this product save for 2 points. SEPTIC SYSTEMS - If you have septic, do not use this! The oils add to negative issues in how septic works. LOW-FLUSH BOWLS - If you have a low-flush toilet, the bowl water level may remain too low for this product to be effective. The water has to cover the poo in order for the scented oil to create the odor barrier on tope of the water. That said - With a regular toilet , TWO to THREE pumps (not the 4-6 they recommend) is sufficient to eliminate most of the odor from a grown man using the can, and leaves a faintly lemon smell in the room.

  • Official Reviewer - We've changed the sheets four times this week already!

    I don't know what's happened with Pampers Swaddlers. Initially these diapers were working so well, so they were all we bought. They used to keep from overnight leak and the quality was good so that we did automatic deliveries. The past few months, disaster. We've never had to change the sheets overnight this much, ever! We've taken to getting him up in the middle of the night to change him to ensure the sheets are not soaked in the morning, and have to change them yet again. Prior to this we were fine overnight, no issues or wetness on the sheets. This is insane. No fun washing down a soaked baby in the middle of the night. We are now looking for another diaper that will work as well as the Swaddlers used to. The quality has gone down tremendously - they are thinner and are not the same. We've discontinued our delivery service and have returned the last box.

  • Ray Sola - Not a good movie

    Mix the bad movies you have seen about the Rapture, with a Mayan calendar, and some Baptist silliness and you get this movie. The only thing scary in the movie is all the scenes where one person is driving and talking to the passenger while looking at them and not the road for minutes at a time.

  • Kindle Customer - Great Read

    This book was everything. As usual Macy still hasn't learned anything. That stupid chick was so foul in this book. I couldn't even deal with her. Maleek and Stacey were something else, but I was glad when Maleek finally set things straight and made the best decision for both. Stacey ended up living her life happily with just co parenting. Killa was something else, but when she shed light on her past everyone understood the reason she acted the way she did. Mayhem played no games about Tiny and neither did her son. They were both so over protective when it came to her. Ramsey and Emma had their moment, but they got it together and I was glad. Those two made such a cute couple. I actually liked Shay. She wasn't what people thought she was. She had a great head on her shoulder. Joie was so much like Macy. I couldn't stand her before and she did nothing to make me like her now. This book definitely was beyond interesting and ended great. Lucinda definitely did that.

  • Peenz - Mary Kay Day/Night Solution

    I have been using Mary Kay products for years. I started using the Day and Night Solution right after it came out. It has been several years now and believe it has really helped my skin. It is fantastic and I highly recommend it. Also, it should last you approximately 3 months.