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  • Vero - Interesting read. Lots of action

    This is Book 2 in the "An Unlikely Hero" Series. This book picks up exactly where the first one finished. Harper has left Lucas when she realized that they want different things, he will never want the family she craves. Then everything happens. There are deaths, kidnapping, betrayals and all kind of bad things happening. Now he needs to protect her because she is in the middle of his investigation. The attraction is stronger than ever. But things won't be easy for them.

  • Amazon Customer - Baby Likes It!

    My baby was breastfed for several months, but I decided to wean her because I was exclusively pumping. She has a milk protein allergy so we were limited to the type of formula we could give her. We tried the Alimentum and Nutramigen powder and she hated both of them and cried, spit, and choked through a bottle if there was one ounce of either of them in it. I tried the ready to feed after I read that it didn't have corn in it and the first time I gave it to her, it she drank it without an issue. Some reviewers talked about the smell, which hasn't been an issue. I think it smells fine. It is expensive, but we are able to submit the cost difference between this and regular formula for reimbursement through our health care flex spending account.

  • A Working Mom - Best Stroller Around

    I've had this stroller for six years now. It has lasted through two children, walking everywhere year-round, including in the New England winters. It has held up through everything, is easy to maneuver and the kids like to sit in it. When #2 came along we added the step (first one was too big for the second seat by that time). The step works really well too. The one time I contacted customer service they were excellent.

  • Amazon Customer - This bike is fantastic for the price

    First things first, it's hard to find a cheaper beginner road bike. I have done massive amounts of research because I wanted to get into the sport without dropping a grand on a bike.