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  • A. Schoenhofer - Could have been a 5 star...

    Okay, I was all ready to leave a 5 star review, as I have used the Remington IPL for one full body treatment, and have noticed markedly decreased growth in all areas. I was very excited to start my scheduled second full body treatment tonight, only to get about 2/3 of my left calf done(30 pulses), and the thing quit!! The little yellow indicator light came on that shows you it no longer has any flashes left, so ...dead in the water with only a small portion of one leg on it's way to being hair free. :(. I KNOW I didn't come close to using this product for 1500 pulses, so I'm highly dissatisfied with the fact I now have to order and wait on a new cartridge, not to mention dish out more money way sooner than expected just to continue the treatments. This product is not that cheap, so to have to chuck out another $25 already after one body treatment is assanine. I will post an update to this once I complete the remaining treatments.

  • Irene Principe - GREAT PORTABLE CHARGER!

    The unit is a little heavy but stores about 4 charges for my phone at one time and it re-charges much faster from the portable than from an outlet.

  • SherriRhiannon - AWESOME FOR STINK BUG

    We don't have a problem with roaches but with stink bugs. This is only stuff that works and it works great. The stink bugs stay gone for 3-4 months, then you need to spray again but they are NEVER as bad as before.

  • PamL - Align helps IBS

    I have been taking Align for just about a month. I have suffered from severe IBS symptoms most of my life. I also have interstitial cystitis and must take several drugs each day that cause constipation. I tried everything my Drs recommended to alleviate the severe constipation and then the overwhelming diarrhea. I finally went to a Naturopathic Dr. He suggested probiotics and in particular Align. Within 3 days I knew it was working. I have never been more regular and I feel so much better knowing that I can have confidence that my body is not going to trap me in the bathroom for hours each day struggling with symptoms and frustration. I have recommended Align to other family members that suffer from IBS and they are also reporting increased wellbeing.

  • Mark Reece - Works awesome!

    I bought this and basically just plug and it works! I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new taillight!

  • dstew - Excellent review book

    My daughter uses the practice tests and I like how the book explains the reasoning behind all the correct and incorrect answers.