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  • Christine Carson - Great Review Materials

    These books offer a great review for the CPA exam and I would recommend them to other people to use.

  • By CJs Pirate - Very Good Workmanship and the Case Fits Nicely

    Being prone to drop most anything, I barely touched my new Fire 7" before this case came in. I love the feel of it. There's something "comfortable" about having this case in your hands. It reads study and functional. The folding cover case is different than others I have seen. This folds into thirds to create its own prop.

  • Theresa W. - Shaklee Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste - Great!

    This is a winner! Finally, a natural heavy duty scour cleaner. Very good stuff. I plan on ordering again!

  • Ingrid - Great Value for a Beginner!

    Ha-ha! I can't contain myself to give a review. I have subscribed to Shane's newsletter since he started the PC website. Shane is an outspoken people's advocate and is saving their health from the claws of allopathic toxic drugs and showing them a way to weight loss and better health. True, he sells his own supplements (which are excellent, by the way, pure and effective, but the book is for people who cannot afford them and these are suggestions of how to improve one's health for spending very little money.

  • save$$ spend less - sweat sweat works

    I put this on along with a trimming belt as it say 30min workout I did on my treadmil you will sweat like crazy it realy does work

  • Steve Andrews - Buy something else!

    I have used Peachtree software for my business accounting for 20 years. The software was quirky but it worked adequately for my needs. Support was always abysmal at best but I was able to muddle through without them. Now that Sage has taken over they are trying to maximize revenue through planned obsolescence. My 2011 version is already obsolete and they want me to upgrade to their latest version for around $1000. The software I have is fine and I have no reason to upgrade. They also are charging monthly and per employee charges for using their payroll module which is ridiculous. I will use what I have until operating systems or hardware forces me to change and then I will buy something else.

  • Believe702 - Statistical impossibility....

    I dont have pcos or any of those issues. I am 43 and ttc for at least 3 years. I have been pregnant twice before only to end in miscarriage. I have been on all types of fertility meds and have had several iui's done. This past cycle was gonna be a rest month. I was unmedicated and i ovulated from the bad side where i dont have a fallopian tube. I was almost done with my 1st box of pregnitude. I really believe this is the reason why i got yet another positive HPT. I made it to 7 weeks before i miscarried again. However i believe in this product. I shocked my Dr's by turning up a positive HPT. It was a statistical impossibility.