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  • David Rouchon - Setup was easy, Nice size picture

    Setup was easy, Nice size picture, Picture is good, but noticing a burn image in picture, Android version should be upgradeable unable to get some apps i feel would work.

  • Camer-Anda, Inc. - Won't last all day.

    I hooked this up in my truck and it stops working after about an hour or so. I don't think it's made to record all day. I have to hit the record button to get it started again. Not what I had in mind when I ordered this.

  • Kaitlin - Legit. Yummy.

    I was a little wary when I read the "legal disclaimer" AFTER I had placed my order- I actually went out and bought a bottle directly from a distributor(highly recommend this route), but when this came, it seems totally legit. Definitely a YL oil. I haven't actually opened this one, since I have another bottle of it but YL lemon oil is delicious. Awesome in water, wonderful in body butters, baths, cleaning products, candles, the diffuser, everything! One of my favorite oils solely for the scent!

  • Spoonfulofsugar - No more refillable cups. Junk machine

    Keurig's break down... a lot. I got this one to replace the one that broke down and that one replaced the one that broke down before that. Everyone I know has had their Keurig stop working. There are many online tutorials to fix them when they quit on you because the break so much. I always used the refillable K cup and put my own coffee in there. Now I can't do that. Talk about GREEDY corporate ridiculousness. They make enough money off those machines. Most people are not going to want the refillable anyways, but for those who do, it's such bad customer service to do away with the possiblity entirely. They've also made this model super high tech... meaning... it won't brew other brands of coffee that aren't made by Keurig like the ones that have a mesh filter and are less toxic than the plastic Keurig cups.