urbanplay.dk Review:

Urban Play Urban Play - Søndre Havn Køge - Søndre Havn i Køge omskabes til et landskab, hvor kunst møder landskabsarkitektur og byens borgere kan opleve havnens industrilandskab på nye måder.

  • http://urbanplay.dk/forside/udstillingen/vaerkerne/ Urban Play » Værkerne » Urban Play - De otte værker bearbejder havneområdets arkitektur, materialer og traditioner – og inviterer de besøgende til aktiv deltagelse.
  • http://urbanplay.dk/forside/udstillingen/vaerkerne/baenkenerdin/ Urban Play » Ditte Hammerstrøm, Claus Bjerre og Jeremy Walton » Urban Play - 'Bænken er din' inviterer de besøgende til at bygge videre på en påbegyndt bænk
  • http://urbanplay.dk/forside/udstillingen/stedet/ Urban Play » Stedet » Urban Play - Søndre Havn i Køge, en af landets ældste havne, er under omdannelse fra industrihavn til en bydel med boliger, virksomheder og et levende by- og kulturliv.

    Country:, Europe, DK

    City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • Kindle Customer - Amazing monitors=excellent!!!

    Excellent monitors! Bought 2 odd them month ago to use for day trading the market. These replaced 3 10 year old 21 inch monitors that has all these years....were top of line Samsung's back then. These IPS screens are amazing! Are clear, bright and amazing screen details,and from most any angle, as advertised. After having these, at this great price, wonder why did not do this long time ago. Only negative is that there in no VESA attachment on back of monitors to mount. That is a minor drawback though, and the link below describes how a company is making an adaptor now! A huge record buy for all.

  • Gadget Man Dan - Not on my Wow List

    I used to love a great flashlight. Mag lites were always my favorite for quality, dependability, and light quality. Ever since LED flashlights came out, I've changed my tune.

  • Aisha Williams - USE IT ITS AMAZING- SAVED me. Had a coolant ...

    USE IT ITS AMAZING- SAVED me. Had a coolant leak in my 4 runner, and so far, its been 4 months since Ive used this product and the leak is minimal.

  • mccm - These shoes are great especially for larger and heavier runners

    Over the years I have wandered away from Asics and now I know why I came back. These shoes are great especially for larger and heavier runners. (over 6 feet and 230 lbs), even with some minor aches and pains which one develops over the years.

  • Brian Zielinski - Worse than Publisher 2007

    I teach yearbook and I purchased Publisher 2013 to work on my school's yearbook while at home. Little did I know that it is so slow and laggy with pictures that it is completely unusable. At my school we have publisher 2007 which works perfectly fine with the exact same files and my computer is significantly better than the bargain basement machines that we use at school. Now I still have to work on the yearbook at school and I'm out nearly $100. Thanks for nothing Microsoft.